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  1. stig

    Two tone

    Yes, colour needs to be a 'bright colour' - red, blue, yellow, green, whatever really. But to obtain it in the first place you'd need UKARA or a valid defence. That said, the reality is that lots of RIFs get sold second hand. Up to the seller and their approach to risk of being done for it.
  2. stig

    Two tone

    Not it doesn't. The two tone needs to cover 51% of the gun.
  3. Thanks - I take it you fitted a supressor then?
  4. Love the look of that - which AAR was it and from where?
  5. I bought one for my son. Replaced barrel and hopup chamber for genuine TM VSR brass version and it's pretty good. Much less consistent than my VSR springer - but with CO2 that's to be expected. You can get monster fos out of the Swiss Arms (SAR10) but be careful to keep it site legal.
  6. My son was suckered in by the Novrisch videos. Whilst I have a fully upgraded VSR10 with about £700 of upgrades in it, after using it for a couple of games he uses AEG every time! Snipers are for those of us who are athletically impaired Seriously though, good sniper rifles aren't bought, they're built - and it costs!
  7. Agree with Gepard. My son is 12 and uses a combat vest. Plenty of adjustment in the belts to make a good fit. Far more so than a molle/plate carrier
  8. Happy Christmas all. So what was under your tree? (I must have been very good this year) G&G GR14 with walnut stock. CYMA CM.048M
  9. This caught my eye so had a look (a couple of days ago). Didn't see anything about 10% off but they have some decent specials.... ...so somehow a CYMA CM.048 ended up in my basket (have wanted a metal/wood AK for my collection!), two chest rigs, a modular leg holster and a 3-day backpack - so thanks for that, wife is gonna skin me! Hopefully no delivery issues (I quoted Ukara etc.) so due tomorrow....
  10. Good call! I have a GR14 with Walnut stock coming, which means the faux wood stock is going on my SOC16. Still feel the need for an M1 Garand (but woeful reliability it seems) and a pukka AK47
  11. I can relate to this and may end up doing the same at some point. Out of interest, what did you end up with?
  12. Ermm.. since starting this thread, I seem to have bought a further 5 RIFs :-o Sucker for a bargain me It helps if you're happy to but 2nd hand gear (mostly almost new) and are prepared to deal with any 'niggles' as a result - which as I said, is half the fun. I need to make a list as I'm starting to struggle to remember them all! As for skirmishing, agree that you can only use one or two at a time, but I share them with my son (so use 4-6 at a time) and ring the changes, which is also good for keeping your game/tactics fresh. Christmas is coming too......
  13. My mistake! Was confused by Amazon who now have 'Black Friday' from 17th-26th?
  14. Erm.. Black Friday was yesterday?
  15. That's different - but doesn't look that skirmish friendly?
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