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Confused about selling all my airsoft gear.

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Sorry, if this shouldn't be on this page as I'm not sure where and how to ask.


I want to sell all my Airsoft gear including a 6ft gun safe.


Can someone tell me if this is correct or not, as I've just read the rules and law and can't see that this is straight forward.


UKARA regulations state; A RIF or in other words a black gun requires you to be 18+ and have a valid defence.  Does this mean I can only sell to Defence force members?


The transaction to be used is pay pal


I need to confirm name, address, email address and telephone numbers is this for both buyer and seller protection?


If this is just a straight sell for cash/pay pal.  Can anyone over the age of 18 purchase this from me?  Does UKARA only relate to retailers/resellers?  I have a mix of 2 tone and RIFs, spring, electric and gas pistols and all within site limits.


As stated I just want to sell my complete setup as I've recently moved and no longer can use this.


Also is there a pricing guide?  Some of the guns had only fired 4 mags wroth of bb's.  I've seen someone suggest 2/3 but what price?  retail?


Is there a general price guide for these?  I want to sell everything as a bundle and will not separate as I'm just after a quick sale as this is a full starter package with everything to get on the field with, helmets, vests, masks, bb's, etc.



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Quick answer.  By law you can only sell your guns to someone over 18 years old.  Anyone over 18 can buy your two-tone (Imitation Firearms) but to buy a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF) they must also have a valid defence.  The seller (you) would be prosecuted for selling to someone without a defence, i.e. current membership of an airsoft site or UKARA registration.  UKARA is a retailer database.


The forum advises the use of PayPal, not gifted, for protection of both seller and buyer.  Read the forum rules about this  .  You could do a face to face cash sale.

Guns sell for approximately 2/3 retail price, plus or minus depending on their condition.  All accessories and kit is approximately 1/2 price.


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1 hour ago, Jedi_Master said:

UKARA is a retailer database.


So you can ask someone for their UKARA number, but how would you verify it?


I personally would be happy selling to someone who can provide booking confirmations / receipts from any UK airsoft skirmish site.  Ideally 3 or more over at least 2 months, same as UKARA requires, but that's not a legal standard in statute, regulation or (as far as I'm aware) case law, it's just what retailers got together and reckoned would be reasonable.  If you really want to cover yourself, you could contact the site(s) in question and ask if they're a regular player.


Practically, if the buyer never does anything untoward with the RIFs, it's never going to be an issue.  If they ask about make, model, fps, what weight of BBs works best, battery life, they're likely legit.  If turn up offering a dead 'ard Staffie and a used X-Box for all your shooters and that, just chuck 'em in this carrier bag mate, then you might invite them to do one.


Entirely up to you whom you sell to, but I would expect plenty of "will you split?" questions, especially if you're trying to offload a gun safe as well.


Best of luck.

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Thanks Gents, so as long as they are UKARA, or perhaps frequent a site I could contact that can state they've played there 3 times in the last 2 months.


There doesn't seem to be a player check on the UKARA website, some suggest contacting a retailer to get them to check, that's if they can be bothered to I suppose, if so what details would they need other that the UKARA number.


Shame UKARA can't just give a name, and perhaps pictures to verify someone is who there UKARA number states it is.


PayPal or cash, then.


Thanks again.



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Paypal will withdraw any involvement with airsoft guns if there is a dispute of any sort.

You can self check UKARA and then forward a copy of the confirmation e-mail,similar to below.


UKARA Online Database - Player Renewal

Your membership has just been renewed and these are the details currently held in the UKARA database:

Player Number: A
Player Name: C
Post Code: SL
Email Address: tiff
Date of Birth: 03
New Expiry Date: 07

Important: Do not reply to this email! All queries regarding your game site registration should be addressed to your Skirmish Site.


System Details
Date/Time: 07 
IP Address: 14
Reference: UKA
Email Client: JMa

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I would imagine your biggest issue selling the gun safe will be shipping

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