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Which radios/headsets are advised?


The ones I've come across on amazon seem to not be in line with UK regulatory wavelengths and need modifying.


I need 3 for my squad but we'd also like ones that can connect to other squads or the team if required, so which is most commonly used by players?



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Please use the search or all the information on the site gets fragmented and it's harder for the next person to find what they're looking for:







And so on...


Also this group on FB is excellent: https://www.facebook.com/groups/498486806994797/


Finally: My pick is the Motorola T80 (and T81) for unlicensed use, but you need to make yourself very familiar with PMR 446. Sounds like you have already, but the guide here helps if you're at all unsure: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/31144-radios-guide/


Best place to pick up the T80s are on eBay. Can buy them in sets of 4 as well.

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This comes up regularly on airsoft media.


If you want to communicate between you i.e. PRR, then its best to use a PMR446 radio which is low power but licence free.


If you want to do milsims or communicate from one end of the site to the other, then buy a licence for your team (£75 for 5 years) and get something like a Baofeng.

You have to make sure you understand how to set these up as they are capable of transmitting on lots of illegal frequencies and interfering with other users who will likely report you.


Headsets are a different subject. Work out what radio you are going to buy and then get a headset with the right connector. There is a huge choice of headsets and headset technology depending on preference.

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