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electric m4 c mags

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Hi guys, are these c mags worth the price or are they just clumsy, heavy and a hindrance?




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They are clumsy, heavy and most people don't like them. I've been to many sites that don't allow them.


Reloading adds to the fun (and realism a little) for me. I use mid caps, I like the extra pressure of remembering how much I've fired, doing admin reloads before entering a building etc.

It's up to you of course, but I imagine it would be very boring playing with a drum mag. Most of them hold more shots that I use in a whole day's play.


I do have a couple of support weapons that use box mags, I don't use them that often, but the extra size and weight at least feels like a handicap compared to the capacity.

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yup - they are way overkill but I have a couple though I have only really ever used it for testing a dsg


my son has used a manual box mag on the last game of the day just for $hits n giggles

after running them popular asg mid-caps for most of the day


as I said I just run with one or two maracas high caps tbh - plenty even for spray & prayers like moi

(I usually get taken out halfway through the first mag anyway so why carry more than you need to I guess)

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Im not a noob!


I think i will stick with flash mags.


didn't directly say you was, if I implied that then I'm sorry

I'll rephrase that if it helps....


They can give a noobish appearance I feel....


Though we might think of turning a M4 type gun into a support weapon

it tends to give the impression they can't shoot and need a couple of thousand bb's to make a difference in each game


Depends on the site - my local is hardly what I'd call a serious hard core mil-sim place

but even on the last game owner has shaken his head when duck jnr pulled out a box mag

though to be fair it was often a fore gone conclusion who has won....

So it was just a mess about on last game of day, sometimes a last game of daft odds for a wtf to hell with it


BUT - though it appears to be overkill and noobish it is down to each person how they play tbh

I've seen plenty of people overkill on mid-caps and controlled sensible sportsmanship from 450rnd high cappers or more


Some sites get very picky and just refuse to accept a "normal" M4 can be used as a support or a DMR - nope it is a M4 end of

others are not quite so strict on specifics


End of the day - they can give off a noobish first impression even though you could carry 8 or 10 450rnd high caps


Electric mags - maybe the dual mag one might be ok I guess but drum/box mags to many are possible noob appearance, cost a bit and they can fail either battery/motor or electric auto wind/sound activated circuit. (you see a few faulty M249 mags for sale/spares)


For what it is worth - I still regard myself as a noob/$hit player, that way when I get my ar$e handed to me I blame my lack of skill/gun/boots/ammo etc....

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I have to agree with Sitting Duck: drum mags on M4s fall into the same category as MP5s modded into DMRs - they give rather noobish appearence to whoever is using them.

Obviously, the shape of an AEG is aesthetic rather than functional - ie. we play with toys that resemble SMGs, assault rifles, support weapons etc. but contrary to their "real steel" equivalents, there are generally no physical barriers which would stop us from using them in any way we fancy. Nontheless, some configurations look just wrong/unrealistic/noobish.


But I am a guy who nearly gets a cardiac arrest whenever he sees someone using 7.62x39 mags with an AK74 rifle, and has never used a high cap in a game, so take my comment with a generous pinch of salt, if you please.

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I er may or may not have run an MP7 for half a day with an HPA electric drum mag for CQB and felt pretty dirty even when it was on semi.


I'd say go with midcaps because reloading is actually quite a fun aspect of gameplay, but if not then a standard maraca highcrap might make you feel a little less scummy so I'd stick with those. Having less BBs also makes you aim more and your gearbox and piston will like you for it.

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