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Hello from Iver!

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Hello fellow Skirmishers!.


New player from Iver,Bucks.

Normally do paintball or Laser(Warfighters) but recently converted to Airsoft.

Done a few skirmishes with Absolute Airsoft, (nearly got Ukara) but also want to do the Mall in Reading, Falcon Ops in Aldershot and Badlands Airsoft.



Got an ICS CXP 08, m100, mosfet and reddot

and gas 1911 side arm, plastic fantastic but really just for show!, will get a gbb desert eagle or maybe a glock full auto went I get Ukara.







if anyone is at absolute maidenhead on 20th march, see you there

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don't need to register for todays skirmish until zero nine hundred


been awake since the proverbial crack....


dunno how many times you can check battery voltages.


Now decided to mount my cam on the RIS, hopefully get some good footage

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Welcome! I'm just round the corner in Harefield.


We play the Mall mainly, though off to outpost next weekend. Might see you around some time!

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