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Raider locking up/misfiring

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My brother has an issue with his gun. As the title suggests, it regularly locks up or misfires in both fire modes.


Ultimately it will probably go to a tech. But just wondered if anyone has any ideas on the possible cause?


It's a CM16 Raider. The battery is definitely not the problem.


I realise this is really vague, I've searched around a bit but thought I might as well tap into the wealth of knowledge here.

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if it is new then speak to retailer under warranty....


The symptoms are vague to say the least


locking up - how severe that it hardly moves again like gearing is shot

chipped/burr on gears, bushings could have failed and taken a tooth with them

even a bit of plastic chip off piston - if that is in between say a spur gear tooth it can lock up


if it just struggles to turn but turns over without too much strain - could be motor armature, brushes shot

though tbh I doubt it if gun was left running stock but could all the same be electrical than mechanical


However - the misfeed problem could be tappet/sector gear related and this could be all connected

BUT this is all still guesswork at best


Apart from replacing brozey bushings with solid shs bushings - not bearings

perhaps replacement gears may be needed and if knackered a new tappet plate & nozzle

plus a good old service AoE tweaks etc....


BUT I strongly advise first of all if there is any warranty left - speak to retailer and use the warranty


if it is s/hand and out of warranty then easiest thing is to ask at local place like Mall and see who they use/know/recommend

A lot easier than paying shipping both ways to send it off to somebody


very difficult to diagnose but if misfeed & lock up happened at same time I'd reckon the tappet & sector gear(s) need a look at

or at least that is an area to pay very close attention to when they get the box open

well it is still speculation - but get in touch with retailer first if you got any warranty left


best of luck

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