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which hop?

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Considering I currently own 4 SW M82's, the hops they come with is actually pretty good, the 2 "upgraded" ones I bought either didn't show any improvement, or showed a loss of air seal, only thing I've actually done is change barrel and bucking (pdi 6.01mm and a lonex hard bucking) and that improved it a bit.

But if you are desperate to change the hop unit, try out one of these, cheap and good quality http://www.ak2m4.co.uk/zci-m4-hop-up-chamber-metal, used them before

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Because of... reasons?


Also, pics or it didn't happen.










sorry the last one isn't up to date, those 2 are currently being worked on and I'd rather not give it away till it's finished (already been in production for a year), and as to why, I just think that the .50 bmg/M82 platform is so good I'm surprised there isn't more multi-role capability for it.

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nice, i'm new to upgrading guns, have you done any other mods to your barretts? and upgrades you would reccomend?

no worries, I'm personally of the opinion "if it ain't broke, don't fix it",unless there is something actually wrong with it, or you've got a specific thing in mind I'd just clean the barrel and play with it until it dies.

in terms of things I've done, the carbine one has the most rounds through it, and the upgrades are:

13:1 gears from AK2M4 (SHS if I remember correctly), changed the old ones as I went through a ROF period, added maybe 3-4rps.

Lonex red piston (stripped the old one after about 15-20 games) recommend airlab as the better supplier.

at the same time as the above, I put on a POM mushroom silent head (can't remember the make)

firefly hard hop rubber (only put this in if you've got everything else right, should add a few metres).


and as an additional, they use the crappy green lube/gunk in the boxes, I would recommend getting rid of it as soon as possible. probably the only thing I would recommend to be done immediately. there are a couple of other things I have done because of the external modifications, so I won't list them.


when you do upgrade, do one thing at a time, much easier to trouble-shoot.


any problems, give me a buzz

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if memory serves, when I first got it, it was chronoing just under 400fps, a couple of thousand rounds (in the backyard) it had settled down to ~360 fps (around about).

right now it's shooting 328-333fps, but there's a story behind that, went to the mall with mates and totally forgot about the fps limits, so instead of borrowing a gun I heated up a needle and stuck it through the air nozzle (don't do this at home kids) which got it to the current level, and I never saw a point in bringing it back up as it's at a level totally legal at any site in the UK.

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