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New player, North West region

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Hi all,


First off I'm new to airsoft having played a few games at All Arms Airsoft and a game down at Trojan CQB.


I will be looking to apply for my UKARA next year (doubt I'll be playing again over Christmas) and I was curious as to how long it takes to process?


I have been looking at getting an MP5 rather than the usual M4/G36c that you see around and it seems firesupport have a great selection hence the enquiry on processing the UKARA with the distance between me and them. The ICS range seem quite popular from what I can tell and I'm curious other that the pistol grip is there any difference between the ICS-04 and ICS-08? And would the MAG mid-caps (had issues with rented rifles and hi-caps) work with this?


Lastly any recommendations on kit, such as plaste carriers, pouches for MP5 magazines? And potential upgrades / addons to the MP5 or should I just stick to out the box for the first few months?


Hopefully get a reply or two! (Wouldn't mind seeing some MP5 loadouts)


Cheers in advance, Dave

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When your Ukara form is filled out post it to Firesupport and stick a note in asking for it to be put on the system straight away and to please let you know when they have as you wish to place an order.

As regards to upgrades leave it alone until something actually breaks.

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