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appraisal for a m249 para

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Can some one please tell me what this is worth.


Its a a&k m249 minimi para. I got the gun second hand prefitted with a 6.03 manual tight bore barrel and ec3 connectors with 11.1v lipos.


I know this is worth a lot less as the motor is broken. My guess is this was caused by the lipos as there's no mosfet fitted. Other than that the gun is in good nick.

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Well this is how I work out a guns worth


(Current min price + mods + accessories)


Multiply that value by the following


0.8 (rare gun as new condition)

0.75 (rare gun light usage running

0.6666 (common or easily available gun, running)

0.6 (common gun high usage)

0.55 or lower (common gun well used/hammered or non working common gun)


There is a few other factors :- desirability etc or collectors items that exclude the above etc. Also age will reduce a guns worth.


Also just because something is rare dose not necessarily mean it goes in the rare category above

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