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G&G UMG owners advice ?

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Hi everyone, I have narrowed my choice of first gun down to a couple. I play CQB. You may have seen my post a few down from here on the ASG Evo Skorpion which is probably top of my list but second is the G&G UMG and it is a lot cheaper.


Are there any owners on here that can give me feedback on what it has been like over a period of time - not straight out of the box ? I have read a lot of good reviews about G&G but last week on a site I was playing two players had brand new one sand they both developed faults which was a bit worrying, also my local store wont stock them due to the number of faults.


I don't like the factory fitted stock at all when I tried it, is it possible to swap it out for a different one ?


What success have people had running with higher voltage lipo's ?


Any other feedback ?

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Goddamn, you have a good taste in AEGs.


Mine is about 4/5 years old now and I've never opened the gearbox once.

I have fitted a fast motor and use an 11.1 LiPo

Front end is a madbull 6.03 and a Madbull Blue rubber


Mine is awesome, I love it and I'd still happily take it out and trust it to work all day.

The only fault really on mine is the hop winding itself off as you fire it (takes about 250-300 rounds from set to 0 hop)

On the newer ones this is apparently only worse than mine :(


You CANNOT change the stock.


As much as I like the gun, you'd be better off buying an Evo.

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Ive had the UMP for a few years (im using it in my profile pic).

No technical problems, the blowback makes a great noise and it can be long or short depending what you need. I can fold the stock or remove the suppressor for close up or vehicle work.


I only use a 7.4V lipo so cant comment about higher voltages. Ive only ever used the standard hi caps, so have never tried using other mags. The UMP mag is too long for lying prone and obviously you cant fire the SMG on its side in airsoft, as I might with RS.


Its got plenty of rail estate for optics, torches and lasers etc.


The battery goes in through a little door exposed when the stock is swung back, so no dramas there and the hop up us a slider exposed in the ejection port when you bring the bolt back.


All in all, its recommended.

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