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  1. Hi everyone, I have narrowed my choice of first gun down to a couple. I play CQB. You may have seen my post a few down from here on the ASG Evo Skorpion which is probably top of my list but second is the G&G UMG and it is a lot cheaper. Are there any owners on here that can give me feedback on what it has been like over a period of time - not straight out of the box ? I have read a lot of good reviews about G&G but last week on a site I was playing two players had brand new one sand they both developed faults which was a bit worrying, also my local store wont stock them due to the number of faults. I don't like the factory fitted stock at all when I tried it, is it possible to swap it out for a different one ? What success have people had running with higher voltage lipo's ? Any other feedback ?
  2. Thanks Dave, does the faster ration gearbox increase the rounds per second by much ? Also the fitting for the stock - I know it can be removed easily having watched the videos but can you add other stocks on ? Thanks again for your input
  3. That's good to hear thanks guys. Can you only get low / mid cap mags - does anyone make a hi cap that fits ? What do you use as pouches for your mags ?
  4. Hi I am new to all this but I am narrowing my selection of guns to purchase down. Has anyone here owned one of these and what is the feedback like for people that have owned and played them ? I am looking for a CQB gun. Thanks
  5. Thanks - I am thinking of black for whichever weapon I end up with. I'm glad you were posting about the weapon choice because I'm not sure I could accept advice on helmets from a stranger called Randy Man Pipe !
  6. Thanks again for everyones input so far. Moving on from weapons let me ask about - helmets. I've noticed there seems to be a huge variation in prices for what are all replicas (copies). I'm guessing some are better quality then others which may account for some of the price difference. On the Emerson style classic helmet can anyone recommend good brands / bad brands or things to look out for or avoid ?
  7. Funnily enough I do like the look of suppressors, the PAR CQB is really nice, off to look for some videos of that one. Not a fan of the Scorpion at all but that Krytac looks a good model to customise up with a suppressor and grips - I'll hunt out some videos of that as well. Thanks of the suggestions
  8. I think your confusing aesthetics with common sense. My initial preference was for the Ares - however not a single person stood up and said how well made they are and how they last. I have been into two Ares retailers this week and they both said they are a good make but they get returns on them as they haven't lasted well. Everyones feedback on G&G has been good and the online reviews are excellent. My new preference would be the Kryptac Vector but its not available yet. Why ? Because I personally like the look of it and I want something different to the run of mill M4 / G36. Hence the Predator - I personally like the look of that rail - I did say on my OP that I am not into Mil Sim, for me it doesn't have to be military accurate - it has to look cool and be good value for money. I wouldn't criticise someone with an M16 or an AK just because I don't like the look of them. In my humble and newbie opinion I think that Kryptac could change the game as the first current real steel gun manufacturer. It will be interesting to see what the longer term feedback is on their kit. Anyway, I'm off after the rest of the sheep as the grass looks greener just over there . . .
  9. Thanks for the advice so far. I have now settled on a half face mesh mask and goggles, plus later a helmet to finish the head off. I have also decided to avoid the Ares and have settled on the G&G Predator (unless that Krytec Vector gets released before Xmas !)
  10. I've got a decent pair of gloves so that side is sorted. I am leaning towards a half face mesh mask with either glasses / goggles / mesh goggles at the moment. Budget for main weapon will be between £250 and £300 I expect. For a pistol more like £100
  11. Thanks for the advice so far, definitely going for both face and eye protection as a hobby isn't worth getting maimed for. Triggerhappy - can you elaborate on the no to Ares bit please ? Knee pads is a good idea as I already have one knee injury and could do without another. Thanks
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