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lipo-li-fe charging.

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so ill be looking into getting a couple of li-fe battery's soon simple one i just want to know if this charger will charge them ill post a couple pictures below of the battery in mind and the charger i have.

Thanks in Advance.




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No, that's a lipo charger.

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Would recommend getting an Imax B6 battery charger/discharger, it can do many different types of battery. Clever device, and costs around £20. You can Google it to read the details about what it does, or for example look at www.hobbyking.co.uk

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LiPo's are 3.7v cells and can get charged up to an absolute max of 4.2v per cell

over this and damage starts to occur


LiFe's are 3.3v - put them on a LiPo's max 4.2v and you will overcharge them - not good and risky


The B6 has a lipo setting that you adjust voltage from Lipo (3.7v) to LiFe (3.3v)


HobbyKing sell GENUINE B6's for about £20 - (get a genuine one than a £15 clone)


psu - if you wanted to save a few quid then a decent laptop psu will work:


BLIMEY - some greedy bastid just bought 57 of them and now these £4:50 IBM / B6 chargers are all gone !!!!


Actually it don't matter too much - the psu you need is a 12 to 18v but needs to be a decent amperage

The above was a 4.5a 16v, 1 or 2amp is too low - needs to be about 3amp plus up to 5amp max

(these chargers can boost charge hence they need some juice)

You should get the 5.5mm / 2.5mm dc plug in the box, so can splice this onto a laptop psu

or buy a universal laptop psu with a few different connectors like I have done


That is if you know what you are doing and have test meter to double check polarity etc...

If you are not sure then buy a PROPER B6 psu charger at about £12 or so


search loads of lipo / charger posts - I've said loads of crap recently with links n crap

so not gonna repeat it all over again n again


just don't charge life's on lipo settings !!!! - not wise to overcharger these mofo's

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