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Newb looking at a Loadout... Input most welcome!

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I'm Dave, I'm 21 from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I've been thinking about getting into Airsoft for some time, but, it cost's a bomb...


I'm looking at a Merc sort of 'Look' to my kit;

-Miltec Headwrap Black.

-Miltec Shemagh Black & White. (Already owned).

-Miltec BDU Combat Shirt Urban.

-Miltec BDU Ranger Combat Trousers Urban. (Already owned).

-Viper Spec Ops gloves Black. (Already Owned).

-Helikon Defender Security Belt Black.

-Miltec Mag Carrier Chest Rig. Black.


Not conventional, nor applicable to the local surroundings.. But, I like it haha!


Now onto the questionable part...... I've been looking at Weapons to get started up with, and I'm thinking of using;


-Double Eagle M85 G36C .

-Double Eagle M3G9 Pistol.


Now both are cheap.... Too cheap... At £44.99 for the Rifle, something isn't sitting right in my head. What are your thoughts? Link to site provided.




Thankyou for your time!


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The G36 youre looking at will be no use in airsoft, its underpowered at 225fps, and is likely to be inconsistent with accuracy and unreliable. As stated in its description its ideal for backyard shooting to get a feel for the game.


Perhaps you might want to hire a gun for your first few games and decide whether you want to incest in this hobby.


And as for a first gun, id recommend a G&G cm16 Raider which is a very good rifle for its price at around £130. Solid polymer construction with no wobble or creaking unlike other options within the same price range, ~350fps which is perfect for most airsoft sites in the UK and you wont be out matched, comes with a rail system which means you can add any attachments to your weapon in future.


There is a starter deal on airsoftzone which comes with the rifle, 450 round high capacity magazine, 1000 bb's, a 9.4V lipo battery and charger and a mask for only £159.99 which is a fantastic deal for beginners.


Hope this helps

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I'm a noob like you as you say, but I'd do this. Instead of. Using clothes, buy a £150-£200 gun, that is quality and can run for a long time, and can actually give someone a bruise than buying some cheap gun and finding it breaking within a month. You will also find the game much more fun with a good weapon, and, to play airsoft you don't NEED military clothing, just turn up in a hoodie lol. I seriously recommend using the money to buy a good gun, instead of a cheap piece of crap one. It will seriously help... And, over time buy military clothing... It's what I'm doing. I own an ICS CXP08 and didn't buy any clothing, and as I go along I will buy clothing. But whatever you do good luck! I'm only here to advise you. Good day :)


EDIT: reading back, I see you own most of the clothing, even though, save up for a 130-200 quid gun, like the man above replied, with a G&G cm16. That is often a common choice.

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If you're dead set on a g36 this one will be alot better than the one you linked: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-g36-variants/jg-g608-g36c.htm#.VhwdZ1V4XCQ (and from a reputable seller) Probably the most reliable g36 you can buy. They offer two tone for £15 aswell

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oooh a site with BB in it, wait until SittingDuck sees that hahaha!, don't worry ive looked on the site as they tend to come up first when searching and the price draws you in!


before you go buying anything, unless you have played a few games or have an idea of what you want, get your 3 games done, get UKARA'd etc then your free to get what you want, you don't have to worry about 2 tone or having to remove it after etc. You may not save that much, I think ive only lost out on £50 but that's a few nights out I cant do, no loss


Ive done 2 games, ordered my ICS CXP-UK1 for my 3rd game on Saturday, ive saved for it as had a lot of time to wait so able to spend a bit more this time round


now need to resist anything else for a few months!....as have things I want!

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