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mosfet advice

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Looking to go hard wired mosfet. Is these a make I should go for? And any other tips for me?

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depends on ya gun and the room you got to install the thing


tbh basic £10-£15 3034 type fet = non braking will do most people


Gate Pico's are popular but any half decent fet will do

or go nutz for a fully programmable bells n whistle one with various burst modes

but programming takes some getting used to at first


main thing is rewiring it a bit for fet - after that if mosfet is installed externally from gearbox

then you can change the mosfet to other types as n when you want

(some can be fitted inside gearbox but they have to be small or the more expensive ones with trigger pcb)


AirFET NB on ebay will do ya or Gate Pico


V3 gearbox - fet can be wired without opening box

V2 gearbox - gotta open her up I'm afraid

(best anyway to do seals AoE service at same time tbh)

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Two main types of basic mosfet - active breaking and non-breaking.

Non-breaking is the simplest and controls the power flow to the motor using the trigger contacts as the signal.

Active breaking (AB) essentially puts the motor into reverse momentarily to slow it down quicker. This produces a more consistent firing cycle but will produce gradual degradation of the motor due to carbon build up and will heat up both the motor and fet to some degree (the kinetic energy is turned to heat when it breaks the motor).

I tend to only use AB when I'm having bad overspin problems which can cause double firing on semi.

If you want a basic FET then the Gate Pico SSR3 (non-AB) and Pico AAB (AB) are very small, relatively cheap and reliable.

If you want to get extra functionality such as burst modes, pre-cocking, adjustable AB etc then a good option is the Jefftron programmable unit (this replaces you trigger contact mechanism - see my post about it).


If you've never done any soldering or electronics or not taken a gearbox apart then I would think about buying a cheap second hand gearbox to practice with before messing with your main AEG - you are almost certainly going make a mess.

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Cheers guys for taking the time out to give me that info. will check out them brands

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Thread Revival.

Anyone know if the firestorm FET's have active breaking? I assume not?

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