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  1. We put in a systema black soft silicone one in. https://gunfire.com/en/products/hop-up-bucking-black-1152192217.html
  2. Cheers everyone but after try all I'm at a lost. Mate says going to throw it into a local tech see if they can sort it. Will let you know if he tells us how he fixed it.
  3. Ok have cleaned barrel and hopup rubber and made sure no lube in mag and still no luck keeps choking and jamming bbs in hopup unit after 500 plus bbs. Should I hand it to a tech or anything simple that could do before I do this? Cheers
  4. Not in to barrel into mag. Will give it a full clean and try. Will let you know how I get on. Cheers👍
  5. They are both stock one cyma and one king arms. I take it the barrels are not tight bore. After shooting 1000 to 1500 bbs it seem to start catching the bbs as if you have hop up fully on making the bbs spit out or nearly fall out even if hop up is fully off. We have add a bit of lubricant and it fixes it. Then another couple mag same again. Have tried .2g and .25g and 2 different brands of bbs nuprol and rockets both have same problem. Can't get pic till I get a hold of AEG's sorry. Cheers
  6. Hi I do most of my work on my AEG's myself but a friend has come to me with 2 different branded ak's with choking problems I have changed hop up rubber on both and tried different brand of bbs and weighs as well. After 3-4 mags it keeps choking. Any ideas? Would hop up unit make a difference or changing to flat hop? Cheers
  7. Cheers for help! Will get one ordered up
  8. Hi thinking of getting G&G Airsoft CM 16 FFR A2 and am looking for peoples experience with them? Cheers
  9. Cheers guys for taking the time out to give me that info. will check out them brands
  10. Looking to go hard wired mosfet. Is these a make I should go for? And any other tips for me?
  11. Did anyone make to airborne shoot? As I didn't ended up unwell. Any website for conflict zone? Found the one for airborne here is link http://airborne101airsoftclub.co.uk/
  12. can u give any more details on Lisburn site? Not make it this week. But will give it a go.
  13. Address is 111 Ardglass Road Downpatrick bt30 7dx. After u go off at roundabout outside Downpatrick the lane which u go down is about 0.7 of a mile down the ardglass road on right hand side beside a light blue house.starts 6 till 10. The site has been running there for about 3-4 years.
  14. Hi guys/girls Airborne is having an evening shoot this Saturday 2nd August. Anyone heading to it? Or fancy it? If you need details can post. Sorry if posted in wrong section.
  15. Hi was looking at this brand to. Was wondering if anyone has shed more light on then?
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