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Best crane batteries?

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I've got an ICS CXP-16 and im currently using

I decided to get 2 batteries for when I'm out for the day but both batteries are only lasting half the day so I have to charge them in between sessions which is a right pain.

Can anyone recommend any​ other batteries that will last much longer than these as it would be a great help.
Thanks. ​

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ok don't bother with old school nimah's no more





They come from EU but will arrive quickly by end of week

get at least 3 or even 4 of them at that crazy price - wait a few minutes and price drops to under £4 I think

stuff one down each tube and you are deffo covered for a long morning fire fight

replace these at lunchtime anyway and head out with fresh mofo's for afternoon


a cheap lipo charger can be bought for about £10 to £15 search B3 or B6 lipo charger

but get from a genuine UK supplier - b6 will need a seperate psu to power it

b3 is a straight forward 240v one





also look over at component shop too




YOU have to double - triple check any battery you buy fits in your gun correctly

if unsure measure existing ones

or make up a battery shape from cardboard/paper/sticky back plastic/washing up bottle etc....

get a grown up to help you using round nosed scissors and see if they dummy battery you made up fits in there

then decide if enough room for wires etc.......


but YOU need to check - so don't sue me if you buy a battery that is too big to fit in there

(I have done that before so now I really really do some checking before clicking on anything)

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Yeah get some 7.4V LiPos that are the biggest mAh rating that will physically fit your gun.


It really does depend also on how many BBs you get through on a day, a rough guide is 2 BBs fired per 1 mAh rating and you always want to be swapping out LiPos before you run them flat. Really the key rule of LiPos is don't run them flat and preferably don't use a crap charger and you will be fine.


Whilst it's probably not something you want to hear that charger is horrible for the money. Get something like this:



You can get a cheap little brick charger but i'd pay 10 quid more and get one that will charge anything you throw at it properly. Only daunting thing is setting it up for your batteries but i'd be happy to explain this as mine is a clone of that one(Turnigy Accucel 6)


I'd definitely get spare batteries though as SD says. I run 3 on my rifle and 3 on my LMG, the rifle I switch out at lunch normally to be on the safe side(plus a spare in case one plays siller buggers) and the LMG I switch because I'd almost certainly nuke the cells in a LiPo getting through 3000-6000 or so BBs in a morning :lol:

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