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mosfet help / advice

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Hi there. Some advice would be welcome.

I'm presently running an 11.1 lipo with my ICS M4. Loving the rate of fire, but it does look a bit like the 4th of july when the trigger contacts meet. So I'm thinking mosfet.

My question is this. I've seen a few different types of mosfet. Some, like this one, https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=airsof+mosfet&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=Wpa0VczFOfKN7Ab8qK6ICA#q=airsoft+mosfet&tbm=shop&spd=7631800078858127330 seem to be simple plug throughs. Others, seem to require me to solder it in.

Willing to attempt the solder job if it carries a significant advantage, however if I can avoid taking the gearbox apart, thats always preferable.
Is there any particular advantage to one type over the other? All I'm really looking for is something to protect the electronics, the burst fire thing does not particularly interest me.

Whats should I look for, mosfet wise, and where might I purchase such a device?


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plug in mosfet - usually are the burst wizards like avacado

they do NOT protect your contacts at all !!!!

(you still have a massive amount of juice being "switched" on contacts - arcing & carbon and burning away)


only exception to this is the Kong burst mosfet BUT you MUST hardwire any fet in - including the Kong

Kong will work 90% of features - need to work at nasa to fully ubderstand all the program features on that mofo

it will work of a sort in plug/play mode but like I said it HAS to be hardwired like any fet to protect your contacts


Mosfets are used to turn on/off the high juice without the contacts burning out

they are fed a small current that turns on the fet and unleashes the higher juice to the motor

the switch contacts are switching the fet on and off, so they remain in a much healthier state


They can be wired in using a few different ways either splicing and using the old wiring

or as I often do rewire it with better wire and a dedicated mosfet feed/return or supply/signal wires


Unfortunately on V2 gearboxes you have to open it up to resolder the switch contacts- even if using most of existing wire

(V3's can be "fetted" without opening gearbox up)

But it is very wise to perform a little service anyway - Angle of Engagement, regrease, check/improve seals etc...

these can be done whilst you have box open to solder in new wiring layout for mosfet.


Your running 11.1v in say a reasonable stock ICS so my rough maths you are getting into low 20's on stock setup with 11.1v

so it makes sound sense to look into all this for your gun to last and perform more efficiently


FireStorm fet for £10 - gotta be one of smallest fets out there and has thermal fuse protection

very good & cheap fet for people who don't wanna build their own 3034....




however - the rest is gonna be down to you if you wish to take the plunge

or take it to a tech to do - but if you can solder - or practice a bit first with a few old boards

good solder - not crap from poundland, a bit of time and it isn't that tricky


quick little service whilst box is open - taking your time you shouldn't disturb too much

then she "should" go back together quite well with little possible dramas


how the fet is wired is up to you how you see fit, front/rear wired

you can splice and use most of wiring and if room looks tight on rear wired boxes

you can just run a thin signal wire back to fet externally on outside of box

(did this for my first fet but now I usually just rewire the whole thing with better wire and neater job I think)


if you are new to all the gearbox malarky then I strongly suggest you research a bit on opening boxes first

You are a little lucky in that the ICS is split gearbox so you can get the lower box open without too much

of the box bursting open and bits flying everywhere like many first timers (inc mine)


so yeah google up and do some research before you jump in and go nutz

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You guys are awesome. Thanks for the advice. I'm happy enough to solder, its just knowing what to solder to where! I'll check those links and get onto it.

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