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  1. This is really helpful stuff guys, thanks. So here's the AOE as is. I take your point. So If i've understood correctly, I want it to be like this. Which I measure to be 5.5mm further out. So I need to add a 5mm spacer to the other end of the piston, And probably grind off just a fraction from that second tooth to ensure it clears. Is that right? Other thing, obviously this will shorten the operating range for the spring (by 5mm). Will this cause any problems? Thanks again. By the by, I've been looking at this http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/221337-correcting-angle-of-engagement-necro-exempt/ . I'm assuming thats what you are talking about?
  2. It does indeed have a bearing spring guide. Now also a piston with all metal teeth. Interesting on the AOE Stuff. That might be tricky to look into with the split gearbox....
  3. This is a new one. So. It started as an ICS M4. New m120 spring made it better, but the motor struggled. Added a G&P 120 motor. That fixed that but the fire rate was not the best. Switched to an 11.1v lipo. Worked well but worried about the contacts. changed out all the wireing, installed a firestorm mosfet. That blew the fuse. Unjammed the gearbox. Worked fine for about 5 seconds then it ripped the back off the piston. Installed a new piston.... And now this. It shoots wonderfully. Nice trigger response, nice ROF, great power. And yet. It twangs! When you take your finger off the trigger it sounds like a tuning fork! You can hear it rather clearly toward the end of the video. Any ideas? Did I leave something loose in there? Anyone else had this? I love this gun, but it has been a problem child!
  4. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the advice. I'm happy enough to solder, its just knowing what to solder to where! I'll check those links and get onto it.
  5. Hi there. Some advice would be welcome. I'm presently running an 11.1 lipo with my ICS M4. Loving the rate of fire, but it does look a bit like the 4th of july when the trigger contacts meet. So I'm thinking mosfet. My question is this. I've seen a few different types of mosfet. Some, like this one, https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=airsof+mosfet&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=Wpa0VczFOfKN7Ab8qK6ICA#q=airsoft+mosfet&tbm=shop&spd=7631800078858127330 seem to be simple plug throughs. Others, seem to require me to solder it in. Willing to attempt the solder job if it carries a significant advantage, however if I can avoid taking the gearbox apart, thats always preferable. Is there any particular advantage to one type over the other? All I'm really looking for is something to protect the electronics, the burst fire thing does not particularly interest me. Whats should I look for, mosfet wise, and where might I purchase such a device?
  6. Lol. Um.... What I really want to do with the upgrade is play around inside it. I enjoy that almost as much as playing! The upgrading is the point, not the upgraded gun at the end. But you're probably right. Harumph Maybe the outside... http://killbuckets.com/steam_soft0102.jpg
  7. If I waited until I knew what I was doing before I did something I'd never do anything Maybe just take it apart and lube it...
  8. As A btw, the specs say 390 fps. Is it B*****. Only went through one side of a tin can! Still a nice sturdy gun though
  9. Wotcha all. So I got myself the above gun. Very pretty it is as well. Now naturally now I have a proper aeg I want to start tweaking it. But have never had the guts out of an AEG before (although I did successfully take apart the trigger box on an mp01 and change the piston and trigger sears). So I don't really know where to start. I don't want to do a whole bunch of stuff all at once. Could I pop a stronger spring in there without damaging everything else in there? Or would I need to replace the piston at the same time? I don't know whats in there but I'm assuming a 110 would be more than stock. Something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M110-AIRSOFT-SPRING-LONEX-FAST-UK-DELIVERY-HIGH-QUALITY-STEEL-ASG-NONLINEAR-/261453333475?pt=UK_SportingGoods_OtherSports&hash=item3cdfd543e3 And perhaps one of these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TURNIGY-NANO-TEC-2200mAH-2s-7-4-35-70c-LIPO-BATT-LIPO-BATTERY-/141358305737?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item20e99c91c9 If I spliced the connectors? Or would I need to do other stuff to make it swallow that? Also as an aside, the box says G608, is that significant? As a PS btw, I still think Lpegs rule.
  10. I like these words. This sounds like a plan! I like China made cheapo s. It's the airsoft equivalent of pot noodle.
  11. It's not broken, I just want to pimp it! When you say fixing it around the hop up, what exactly do you mean (sorry, I'm new here)
  12. So, I've fixed all my masks with fans, I've fixed my MP001, I've made a claymore mine. I've decided I enjoy tinkering more than playing. What to do next... So I was thinking. One of my favourite guns is my cheap mossberg shotty. Its small and light enough to run about with, but with a reflex sight is also surprising accurate, thus serving as both CQB and a shorter range sniper option if I don't want to lug my MP001 about. Lovely joyful little gun. I'm thinking if I were to get one, take it to bits, put some new internals in, maybe a better spring, better piston etc, how badass could one make a cheap shotgun? Anyone else done this? Any recommendations on a good one to upgrade? I'm thinking the M58B might be a starting platform, cheap so if I balls it up its not cost me too much, already rated over 300 fps so should take a little abuse. No rail on it but that has to be an easy fix. Thoughts?
  13. Mesh is grand during the day, but I mostly play at night. What I use therefor has to be clear.
  14. I've been through 3 paintball masks. All of them were entirely useless until I fitted them with fans. With fans they are perfect. You can get a 5volt 25 or 30 mm fan, a USB power source and a slide switch for under a tenner on eBay. It's the future I tell you. This is the mk 2. This was using 12v 25mm fans with 9 volt batteries. Used 2 for backup. The workings are all covered when in use, held in place with hot glue. The mk 3 is better but I was still experimenting. A tight seal was the big breakthrough.
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