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Shooter man

New AEG--- BOLT SR47 Electric Blow Back AEG

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i saw this on facebook a few days ago and my god.


I've seen Bolt's B4a1 and that's about it but from what i've heard, it's pretty fookin amazing, especially the internals... but it's an m4... not a huge fan.


But an m4 with an ak mag? Hmmm, a little more shmexy but i think an ak74 style mag would look a bit better or any ak type mag that's a little more.... not so much of a curve, like the beta project pmags for the ak.


What i think is that this will be an amazing EBB aeg. But i prefer the look of an echo 1 ocw or a G&P tactical combat ak47

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Bakelite 5.45 mags should fit in this since airsoft AK mags are all the same.


IMO the SR47 is a heretical abomination but it looks like a nice replica.


One thing I don't like about bolts is the EBB is very quiet and it still has the god awful sewing machine noise. I prefer TM's mechanism,sounds much better and the new gearbox designs are stronger. This has some really impressive recoil though,but with the LayLax upgrade series and weights you can get a TM up to this level,even past that,but it's expensive.


I also have an Open letter to BOLT..


Dear Bolt,


Call me when you get together with LCT to make a recoil AK.


Blessings of the CHAOS GOD KHORNE *BLAM* HERESY! God Emperor upon you,



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