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  1. Not used one of these rifles before and not been on here non stop for a year lol... Stopped doimg Airsoft to do another hobby now im back lol
  2. Hi all Looking to purchase my first Airsoft gun... Ive been looking at the Starter pack on Airsoftzone's website... Any thoughts on this package... Thanks
  3. Im back now people, anybody around Swindon area soon!!
  4. Welcome along bud Im just up the road in Swindon but visit family in bristol often
  5. Welcome along from just down the road Swindon
  6. I will be hopefuly my first time next weekend
  7. Welcome along, from swindon myself
  8. Welcome.. Im from Bristol and new to the scene myself gonna get some bits together then get along to some sites, keep an eye on here for some of these lot goin to any near ours theyll be more than happy to get you involved
  9. I heard this on the radio earlier, Mental, the police asked him to put his hands on his head but he reached into his belt area and revield a gun, Police are trained in a certain way to deal with these situations and im guessing they done what they were taught, Thats what i heard on the radio.
  10. Currently reading Guy Martins autobiography
  11. Anybody got anything planned for Sunday 22nd November, me and a friend wanna get involved.. Thanks
  12. Hi bud what PC you running this on please, great pics too
  13. That sounds like a good site to goto, i will give BristolAirsoft a call and see what they can do, would be good if anyone off here was going to any local ones could give me a shout 😀
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