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    Am new to all this. Have a 2tone co2 glock
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    Played at z adventures thunder ranch and the mall
  1. Just booking the mall for the 5th oct. Cant wait. Will be my 2nd visit and my 3rd skirmish so will be applying for my UKARA.
  2. Has anyone had experience with the G&P enforcer? There are not many reviews out there for it.
  3. Help... I would like your experienced opinions. G&G TR4 CQB-S with mos or G&P Enforcer?? About 50quid difference. Both metal bodies. Both suitable for my needs.Im confussed......
  4. pete53534


    Im an Aftersales manager at a London based Ford maindealer. Fun fun
  5. Hi. Im fairly new to airsoft and will be able to purchase my first RIF soon. Ive been looking around and reading as many reviews on various m4 based aegs. Reviews are good but I would really appreciate the views of people who use these guns in real life skirmish situations. So if anyone would like to suggest/recommend a particular gun I would be greatfull. Many thanks
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