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  1. Anyone at AP tomo for the Halloween/fireworks game?

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    2. Albiscuit


      Was a good day. 300 people on site and boy couldnt you tell in the safe zone haha

      Too much waiting around between games but with so many people I think that was to be expected. 

      The games worked well, some were over too quickly with the ammount of players we could throw at objectives, one game (recover 6 ammo boxes) should have taken 90 mins but was done in less than 20. 


      I won the last man standing match though, I had 290 odd players looking for me and was the last defender, wohoo!!, so thats my proud airsoft moment for a while sorted :) 


      Loads of people left before the night game and even few stayed for the fireworks, was weird. They were the reasons I went!!


      @BibbsOnTour what team were you on?

    3. BibbsOnTour


      Blue team. Didn't realise it was you who won the LMS game! and yeah, was weird how many people left considering it was almost a tenner more than usual to cover the fireworks etc! 

    4. Albiscuit


      I was blue too, we kicked ass!! 

      It was shocking, I had NO IDEA I was the last man!! 

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