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  1. I run Bolle Tracker 2's and paid roughly the prices AndyGif posted above, steaming isnt too bad and I am a sweaty git, just give them a wipe before each game or so. The one thing to bear in mind with the inserts is the angle at which the lense sits to the eye is quite different to normal glasses. This can cause some disorientation and depth perception issues the first few times out but I soon got used to it. Contacts are the game changer if you can put up with them as it opens up a much broader range of stuff you can wear. I've always got some with me but normally feel lazy so use glasses with inserts.
  2. He didn't actually say that at all Jason8. Matt was making the distinction between two very different sets of legislation that had the power the screw airsoft to bits, going on to say the EU based stuff was mostly put to bed, "One (almost) down, one to go". Far too many people thought this was just part of the same issue so when ASG did their press release a few weeks ago saying how the EU stuff had been defeated people thought anything about the Policing and Crime Bill or issues in the Lords was scaremongering as problem had been sorted....
  3. Was the dmr semi auto as it came out of the factory? If its a gun that was originally full auto no matter what you do to it, it stays in the eyes of the law full auto.
  4. Oh I don't, been asked so many times over the years by all sorts about "whats your angle", "what are you trying to get out of it" or similar shit. Some people don't get that you can do things for unselfish reasons or without having profit as the goal.
  5. Just to add to jcheeserights post above, its a great shame when I see someone putting a lot of effort into something and coming out with a completely wrong conclusion. Don't want to retread ground but what is proposed in the PCB, which was put there by UKARA, ATB and UKAPU representatives will suffice for airsoft to continue. We aim to push for more but we'll have to see. The big fuss right now is amendment made by Lord Shrewsbury to remove only the part in the PCB which gives airsoft a break. I don't take slight to the thinly veiled accusation to ukapu just wanting to scare up members for cash, been doing it too long to worry. Its free to join and we absolutely do have a political agenda...keeping airsoft as we enjoy it and if anything relaxing the restrictions we have.
  6. With regards people thinking what was said above about RFD's not being able to sell airsoft guns as air rifles so it doesn't make sense...they believe we're talking shit about them being classed as section 5. No answer has been forthcoming in how they work that one out as I can only draw one conclusion from the firearms acts.
  7. Specifically with DFDS ferries you should be calling them up to book in any firearm or replica more than 24hrs before your sailing. The process is really simple, you get priority boarding for free, at least from the Dover end, however in theory they say you are limited to only the time you book for. Not that thats ever stopped me with the hour before or after slots like normal. If you do this you'll need to go through the security check from Dover whether they call you in or not, from the French end they seem to not really care so much. There is every chance that if you travel without notifying them you will be fine, but there's next to no hassle in doing it right. On the road in europe its as simple as just driving around in the UK. Germany could be an issue with the guns needing to be either super low power or have the proof mark. Weigh up your chance with what you're driving, how you drive, time of day and work out how likely you might be to get stopped and make your own choice. I take all the guns to bits just in case so it's no longer a RiF. Whatever you do don't make the first thing out of your mouth if you are stopped at the port or wherever be "I've got airsoft guns". No better way to make them on edge and more likely to cause you a problem. Don't lie, but you never have to tell all the details unless its needed.
  8. The whole point here is that this is a massive ammendment to existing EU firearms legislation. The part that affects us is that they are trying to add replica firearms to category C weapons. That would be a massive burden and potentially impossible to implement. If we are agreed that airsoft guns fall into the definition of "replica firearms" then please be specific on where I am misunderstanding things.
  9. 1h. For the purposes of this Directive, "replica firearms" shall mean objects that have the physical appearance of a firearm, but are manufactured in such a way that they cannot be converted to firing a shot or expelling a bullet or projectile by the action of a combustible propellant. Straight up seems clear that whatever is decided on this matter airsoft guns are exactly the type of thing that will be swept up in what happens. Now hopefully Colonel Kurtz will be proved right in airsoft kit being ruled out of any analysis, but thats no reason to sit idly by and just hope for that outcome. edited for my rubbish post game spelling
  10. I hope it is that clear cut. I'm guessing your focus is on part a, if so then that's a very murky patch that you're getting into. Of course this is all theoretical and a proper investigation may change everything, but for the UK the best we have is the ACPO recommendations on lethality and where an airsoft gun would become a firearm. Was it 1.5J for auto and 2.5 for single shot? Not that it really matters for the purpose of this argument. We have the situation that above a threshold they are firearms, albiet unlicenced ones. That makes me ask the question how would you permanently alter an airsoft gun above those limits to be less? Being based on UK law is the stumbling block here and I'd hope there might be some overriding EU consensus on airsoft guns being non lethal. If the focus in on either parts b or c then the case is tissue thin at best.
  11. The devil as always is in the details. In Category C, the following points are added: "5. Alarm and signal weapons, salute and acoustic weapons as well as replicas That tiny parts at the very end is what would essentially screw airsoft as we know it. Under EU law a Cat C firearm is Category C - Firearms subject to declaration 1. Repeating long firearms other than those listed in category B, point 6. 2. Long firearms with single-shot rifled barrels. 3. Semi-automatic long firearms other than those in category B, points 4 to 7. 4. Single-shot short firearms with rimfire percussion whose overall length is not less than 28 cm. You are then almost certainly into serial numbers, shotgun certificate style registration and all the other limitations that buying/selling/owning real firearms places on people
  12. Its just a blanket, be similar to http://www.desertdress.com/mensBlanket.html
  13. Berget is very good, though the overall quality has dropped slightly in the last couple of years. It's still a hell of a place to experience large scale platoon on platoon and company on company actions. Borderwar was meh, it's the biggest game I think in Europe with 2000+ but was a distant runner up compared to Berget. For a truly good milsim and modern day warzone experience however the game to look at is Protector. Whilst not as action packed for want of a better phrase it left my group far more satisfied than the other games. http://www.airsoftwars.cz/en/next-action
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