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    Best bbs?

    Blasters are not designed for Airsoft. They are for target shooting and crumble on impact. They can be dangerous when they hit mesh masks as they often go through the mesh. Devils I'm not sure about but blasters are banned at my CQB site for good reason. So are Bulldogs.
  2. Grand. Cheers. Things have been ordered. Only place I could find the 6.05 PDI barrel for my AEP.
  3. Hi guys. Wondering if anyone has any experience with http://aegcartasia.com ? I intend to buy a few things from them but would like a little indication if there any good or not. Can anyone recommend/advise against?
  4. The 9.6v works fine. Just make sure to get one that fits. I have a 1300mAh one that works well. I also got some 7.4v lipos from hobby king that work really well.
  5. Found this the other day.. £10 MOSFET from Fire Support. The PicoSSR 2. http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gate-electronics-mosfet-switch-picossr-2 I just got one. I haven't seen any bad reviews of it so far. It's basic and functional. And really small.
  6. Clean the barrel once? It's best to clean it after every time you play. You'll be surprised how much crap gets in there. And I find I need to re-grease the piston around every year or so or the compression starts to drop. You can probably just leave the gears and stuff alone though if you don't intend to upgrade.
  7. Yeh. Last weekend was the quietest I've seen it in a while. 60 people in total. Plenty for a good day though. Normally around 90-100.
  8. Also live in fife. The fort is my regular site. They also have a new indoor site that is slowly opening up just now. Played in it once and it's pretty good. It's huge though and only about 1/4 is finished. I've been to crail a couple of times and it was always good fun but it's a little small. Never been to section 8 or the other indoor place in Kirkauldy but I've heard they're both good. With section being of similar size to the fort. The fort really is good though. The folk there are awesome. The marshals all listen, the players don't cheat and the games are fun. It is outside though so it does get cold sometimes. And wet, and muddy. But hey, Scotland. I can't wait until the indoor site, code name; The Fortress, to open up completely.
  9. Cheers. I'm going to experiment once I get the spring and stuff anyway. If it keeps the M120 spring below 360fps I'll be happy.
  10. Can you link to the video?
  11. On my TM M93R I had to file down the side of the shoe connector a little. It now fits snug but not stuck. I also have a little bit of ribbon round the battery so I can help it on its way out if it does get a little tight.
  12. I have a question regarding the TM BSR-10 G Spec. I have all the necessary parts to take it to around 360fps (m120 spring and trigger sears) but I am wondering how much of a difference the air brake makes to the power output. I have read that it can take anything from 10-20% of the springs power away. Is this correct? I can always remove it if I need to. Cheers.
  13. I've had my TM M93R for about 3 months now. It's a beast. Shoots to around 35m on .2s, full auto goodness and 100 rnd mags are easy to get. Fire-support.com sell them. That's where I got mine. And if you want. You can spend another £80 or so on eagle6 to take it to almost 300fps. I haven't done this yet but once I source all the gears I need I will. I will say. These things are simply the best you can get for anything CQB. They rule. So quick and agile. Accurate enough and with a 7.4v lipo you can get on airsoftworld.net it has a really great trigger response.
  14. Nope. Ordered it from gunfire.pl I believe. It is our local shop though and we see the folk out on the field every other weekend. Maybe he just likes us.
  15. Friend of mine just got a new AK that's shooting 420. He needed it to be <360 for our field. Took it into our local shop. £12 for the lot. That's new spring and having it changed.
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