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  1. Fatknees

    Co2 or Gas magazines

    I own a p-09 and it performs better on Co2 in my opinion,it should also drop just below 350 after a couple of shots
  2. Fatknees

    Specna arms bb's

    As the title says really, I need some .25's (been using rockets with no problem) and came across specna arms bb's on the gunfire website (10% ATM),has anyone used these bb's before? Would/wouldn't you recommend them? I've tried google to no avail All feedback good or bad is helpful Thanks
  3. Fatknees

    Best sites

    The gaol in rutland (Leicester) I've played there many a time it's situated in a (was) real prison and it's amazing,I personally think it's better than the mall reading
  4. Fatknees

    How often do you play

    I try and play at least twice a month, but with family commitments and work it's near to once a month sadly 😭😭
  5. Fatknees


    Just used this company for the first time ,I ordered an Asg cz-p09 Co2 Mag on Sunday and it arrived today,(Wednesday),it was at a competitive price,p+p is also reasonable so a big thumbs up from me
  6. Fatknees

    Checking UKARA Defence

    I used the ukara self check (google search)took them 3 days to email my proof
  7. Fatknees

    Checking UKARA Defence

    Ok so I'm trying to purchase a rif, I have ukara, and I've waited 3 days so far, for an email as proof for the seller so I can purchase the gun, does anyone have idea how much longer ? Thanks
  8. Fatknees

    Airsoft sites on a Saturday

    Probably a bit far,but the gaol in rutland Leicester run Saturday and Sunday games
  9. Fatknees

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Didn't think royal fail carried any sort of canisters that contain/ed gas?
  10. Fatknees

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Help please,I have a tornado grenade I need to post who's the best carrier Thanks
  11. Fatknees

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Will double eagle shotgun shells work in a tm breacher?
  12. Fatknees

    What BB'S do you use?

    Rockets from gunfire.pl bio and non bio .25's never had a problem with them
  13. Fatknees

    Custom lockable Gun cupboard

    Garage/mancave missus nor kids venture in there, ever!!
  14. Fatknees

    Coleman propane

    Ok so I use Colmans propane with the adaptor on my tm 1911 for over 18 months now with no ill effects (apart from it smells like crap) anyway don't forget to use some silicone oil every 3-5 mags to lube the o-rings