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  1. Retiring from airsoft due to age and shot knees

    1. Rogerborg


      Sorry to hear that.


      As a polite suggestion, you might find it tricky to shift that as a bulk lot, especially as collection only.  Please don't get offended if you get folk asking for prices for individual items, and postage.



    2. Shamal


      Only you know how you feel bud but Airsoft will still be in you. Keep hold of some gear even if it's just to have a play at home when no one is in. I do lol.

      I'm getting on a bit now but I've decided that if I can no longer tote the gear and myself up to heartbreak ridge at nae then I shall become an Airsoft groupie and just go along to watch and make a nuisance of myself 😂



    3. Rogerborg


      Good call. I'd keep the pistol, at least.

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