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  1. Alrighty. As I'm going to my first night game on July 19th. Do I need some MLG m900a torch or could I just duct tape a random torch to my gun?

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    2. Russe11


      A good trick is to place a torch on an object near you. You can light up avenues of approach without giving your position away and also put yourself in shadow

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Yeah, you aim at the floor or on a wall near to where you think a target could be. That way they're less likely to see you. Also place it as far up your rifle as possible, that way more light is directed in front and it isn't lighting up your RIS / hand guard as well.

    4. Lozart


      Also - always mount your torch to the outside of the gun (not as in "don't put it inside the barrel"). Example - if you're right handed, mount it on the right side of the gun. People tend to shoot at the light so if you mount it to the left then it's right over centre mass and you're more likely to get hit.

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