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  1. Reevy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Yeah, I just got some misinformation but i’ve got common sense so I should be alright with it
  2. Reevy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Also decided I won’t be doing backyard airsoft with it because it is now a RIF and in case the neighbours see it lol I heard that the UKARA is just so you can buy a non two tone gun from a retailer, not to own it. This is a quote from another member that seems to know what he’s talking about “Do you Skirmish on a regular basis at a proper site and can you prove it? if you do then put any tape you want on it and spray it any colour you like. You have a defence You don't need a 'UKARA' to do this, it is only a way of showing a retailer you have a defence for buying a gun.” Another person selling their gun second hand told me I could buy their RIF without having a UKARA because he knows I’m a legit skirmisher I’ve been told a variety of things from different people that skirmish regularly but technically I would’ve broken the law for making my IF a RIF, as long as I don’t take it out in public and just take it to a proper airsoft site I should be fine.
  3. Reevy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll definitely keep that in mind when I get new gear in the near future
  4. Reevy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Correct, would’ve been easier to just get my UKARA and then buy it in Tan or Black but the CM.515 will be my backup because when I get my UKARA i’m getting a G&G CM16 Raider and also just wanted a gun in the meantime to just mess about with friends doing some backyard airsoft
  5. Reevy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I slightly regret going full multicam but after seeing a bunch of people on YouTube with full multicam I thought it looked nice, in person it’s not as good imo but i’ll probably mix it up with some tan in the future, anyway this is what I ordered. 8Fields AAV FSBE Plate Carrier - Multicam Viper fleece hoodie - Multicam 8Fields Hydration pack w/ Bladder - Multicam Viper snood - Multicam Viper special ops boots - Multicam Viper special forces gloves - Multicam Viper elite trousers - Multicam Viper T-Shirt - Multicam Viper elite jacket - Multicam Viper 35L garrison backpack - Multicam 8Fields double rifle gun case - Tan Cyma CM.515 M4A1 Carbine - Black & Blue (Stripped the paint to make it black) ASG 0.20g Blaster 6mm BB x 3000 NUPROL Fast helmet - Multicam NUPROL lower face mesh mask - Multicam (I actually ordered tan but they sent the wrong one lol) Bolle cobra platinum clear goggles NUPROL PMC Battle belt - Multicam 8Fields Dump pouch - Multicam EMERSONGEAR Fast helmet cover - Multicam Shotgun cartridge knife - Green (For opening boxes and because it looks cool) Total: £540.16 (Was just looking for cheap but decent gear on a budget, planning on upgrading a lot in the future once i’ve saved up, this was just to get me started) Hopefully i’ll be getting myself a CM16 Raider before Christmas Also as I said there’s way too much Multicam, It doesn’t look that bad but I just wish I got some tan, funnily enough the only tan item I got was a gun case lol
  6. Reevy

    Custom paint work

    This one is so nice, anyone know what gun it is?
  7. Reevy

    CYMA CM.515 M4A1 Carbine

    I just got this gun as my first one, I’ll definitely be getting a G&G soon and then the CYMA will probably be my backup or for friends to borrow
  8. Reevy

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    I personally like the mix match nice loadout man
  9. Reevy

    My Multicam Loadout

    I’ll have to look around for one like yours in tan, I really like it
  10. Reevy

    My Multicam Loadout

    What plate carrier and gun is that? I like your kit a lot, even the jacket makes it look good because there isn’t a lot of multicam, I think if I get one of those combat shirts with the tan chest part and a tan plate carrier my loadout would look a bit nicer maybe even some tan gloves and meshmask (actually I did order my mesh mask with a tan outline but it came in green lol)
  11. Reevy

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Excuse the amount of multicam, slightly regret not mixing it up with some tan but hey, we all learn from our mistakes and i’ll fix it up in the future (does the job for now and doesn’t look too bad imo)
  12. Reevy

    My Multicam Loadout

    Trust me these goggles don’t even fog if you hold them over a kettle lol used them for a few hours with no fogging issues at all so far
  13. Reevy


    I got a pair of viper elite special ops boots, great support on your ankles, super comfy and they’re only £59 perfect for airsoft