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  1. Unpopular opinion (not meant to upset, more promote discussion) - If you're looking at a way to improve your airsoft experience, instead of buying kit, work on your personal fitness. 


    Since July I've lost 2 stone, and greatly improved my cardio and flexibility. I feel much more effective as a player now.

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    2. clumpyedge


      +1 for cutting out all sugars! Best bloody thing I ever did!

    3. Sawyer


      Refined sugar has no place in any decent diet, glad to see the back of it.


      I've gone ahead and created a topic, as Jedi said.

    4. Philby21


      Personally I tend to use airsoft for fitness as well as fun - but a 200 acre site in the North Wales hills will do that for you!


      That and mowing three lawns totally about a third of an acre and on the side of a hill help too, especially pushing around a non self-propelled petrol lawnmower after first dragging it up to the top of the flaming hill (which is higher than the roof of the house).


      Unfortunately the recent month and a half of little activity mean I need to start getting back out again very soon as I've put on a bit of weight (think dad-bod not morbidly obese).  Sadly my age doesn't help too much either, although my brain still thinks I'm in my early twenties my body is painfully aware that I'm in my late forties!!


      As for losing weight and keeping it off, I subscribe to a very simple formula: eat less and move more.  Works for me!

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