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  1. Dare I try out dragons lair this weekend...?

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    2. clumpyedge


      @Albiscuit all mainly alternative stuff, metal, ska, pop punk etc, I used to use vinyl but for ease these days everything is done on computer as its a little less involved what I do now. Was only doing it for a favor so I'm well and truly out of practice.


      @Sawyer this is exactly why I got in at 3:30/4am and couldn't feel my face. I prefer whiskey although I can't even begin to say that I am a knowledgeable man on the subject but I know what I like. I am partial to a decent Rum as well!


    3. Albiscuit


      Fair enough, totally understand the shift. Just jesting, I know too many "DJs" who have never seen a 12" before :o Although I after CDJs I stopped mixing myself so im a dinosaur nowadays!

    4. clumpyedge


      @Albiscuit luckily using a mac with DJ pro and a newmark desk you can still mix to an extent but nothing will ever beat vinyl. The clientele probably wouldn't notice if i preloaded a play list clicked play and walked off so any proper mixing would be lost anyway. I just enjoy the fact people are loving the music regardless of being a purest :)

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