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  1. So I wanted a Tippmann M4 in the future as an alternative to gas & cheaper than P* / SMP. Thought though if it would be possible to actually get a Daytona gun that would be amazing given the insane recoil as well...and yes it would be expensive af but the uniqueness is so appealing. Thing is doesn't seem like you can easily get WA or G&P GBB M4s here? and if so they are a lot as well

    1. proffrink


      There are always a fair few WA platform GBBRs sitting on the Zeroin forums. Shouldn't be too hard to find one - that's where my one came from. As a donor you won't need to worry about much except for the externals. The Daytona kit will replace the hop and all of the usual parts. You'll just want a decent wide bore barrel and make sure the rest is in alright nick. Anyhoo, you'll be buying the DaytonGun Kit from abroad anyway, right? If so, you could buy a WOC challenge kit...

    2. Monty
    3. proffrink


      Er, those are just the kits. Tony won't provide the donor for you - you've got to buy one yourself.

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