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  1. So, to change the spring on a TM recoil, Eagle6 will charge you £83. That's beyond ridiculous. Somebody please justify that for me.

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    2. Chopper92


      And the second-hand price of said 'fully upgraded' rifles goes up by another 150-200 it seems @Rogerborg 😂.

    3. EvilMonkee


      Tokyo Marui AEG hype train - overpriced plastic tat.  Now their GBBRs.......

    4. StayOnTarget


      If you'd looked up eagle6 on this forum you wouldn't have wasted your time,why are you changing the spring?

      I do think TM aeg's are overpriced but at the same time they are damn good out the box(until they get opened up then they seem to become money pits)

      Now their pistols are very good,I have their G17 and MK23(the only thing I've done is straw hop them) I'll never use anything else.

      Hopefully in the future I'll come across their GBBRs as I've heard nothing but good things about them

      Please bare in mind folks I'm not here to offend,what I like is what I like and its the same for you too 🖖

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