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  1. I do love them, mix well with the flecktarn, or with the OD chest rig and tee shirt i wear if its a bit warmer. I've just started work getting my face mask and goggle to adapt to a core ops helmet so I'll get a few pics when its done
  2. Just a set of gen 2 (I think) from an eBay seller, doesn't show up in my purchase history anymore, sorry mate
  3. The start of the first game at F&O's new site Wastelands with the M4 before it packed in And then later on rocking the trusty £100 back up AK that never fails to surprise me
  4. Thanks mate, I've even dry brushed rust over the bare metal to dull it, photo bucket destroys the quality however. Can't have an AK looking pristine :-) After cleaning most of the green off the fake wood, receiver still to go While stripping the fluro green, the fake wood is also being stained before being re worn (check out the grey body too) And after (mags been worn now to match)
  5. Here is my latest, bit annoyed that it was sold as metal and wood, turns out it is plastic and plastic. It arrived with the fake wood and metral cover in green, so some sanding (with help from the Mrs) wood stain, dry brushing and sweat later I had this:
  6. FN2000 DMR Tri-shot P90 (new set of fixed iron sights on the way, don't like scopes, raise the profile too much) And my sidearm, ASG Duty One 1911, lots of kick
  7. A friend wanted an excuse to use his new camera, chuffed with the results (although he's annoyed at lack of focus on the grip in the first pic). Seems solidly built, paints hard wearing (so far) which is good, usually when putting something on an attachment rail instant paint flakes happen, on this none so far. Mag holds 14, box says 328FPS, we've got a chrono on order so that'll be tested soonish, once Ive had a chance to use it skirmishing I'll pop a review up. All the good stuff such as the slide locking back, safety, rear safety to squeeze, etc.
  8. Picked up my first sidearm, felt I may as well make it a decent one.. ASG Duty One, really impressed with the weight and quality, glad I forked out rather than buy a cheapo make and run it till it inevitably breaks.
  9. FN2000 DMR with brass extended barrel and Civilian P90 flash hider to cover it: I'll use a better quality camera once its complete, a little on the grainy side. EDIT: Fixed the pic, Oh and Craig... in case you were wondering...
  10. Fancied a pop at a DMr, having a tri-shotgun and a P90 as my usual set up, naturally I had to snap up a stock JLS FN2000 when it appeared, (which has an extended inner barrel). It came with the worlds thinnest pistol silencer and didn't look right, so took the P90 civillians barrel and transferred it onto the FN2000, bipods temp till I get a spring folding one, scope needs mounts but is mildot. Loving the accuracy with the bullup and extended barrel! It justs needs a new stock pad, but I may make a custom one from material to contain an extra mag pouch. I'm not all too fussed abou
  11. Stubby silencer for the p90. Does silence the pop, sounds more meaty than before just.. more silent Need to get some midcap mags between the 29th of feb and 9th march, but they're so expensive from the UK.
  12. My girlfriend bought me a m4 CQBR off there for christmas as a practice gun for the garden so I stop breaking things. 3 days after opening it, my shots wen't reaching then end of my tiny garden. After looking at thier 'warrenty' of only 28 days after purchase wether opened or not, I found I'd never get my girlfriends money back. So I had it apart, and the plastic gearbox housing was completely shattered... Brilliant. I recommend you go to somewhere better fella, not worth even buying 'cheap' stuff off of there for the hastle.
  13. Got the p90 off Craig, had the extended civillian barrel so replaced that with an M4 flash hider a friend donated, added on my aimpoint and red dot (torch is a pap plastic one, was just seeing if it was still cqb friendly with one on)
  14. True that, fixed the right hand charging handle as it was loose but its been sweet as a nut. Need some midcaps for it though.
  15. Yeah its two toned, but I'm not too bothered for my first few games, just the lower will go olive drab once I get my UKRA. Other than that its exceeded what I thought so far.
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