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  1. Despite all the slagging they get; I honestly can't fault OnlyBBguns for this order.

    Lone UK stockist (that I could find) Over 20% less than the usuall RRP, free delivery & arrived the day after it was posted.

    Still feel a bit dirty though! :lol:

    1. Albiscuit


      It is deserved..  BUT if your after something and they are cheaper then why not!! I tend to stay away from a couple of shops for previous customer service issues, employment issues and ethical reasons, until its going to affect my wallet and place an order.. But your right does make me feel dirty B)

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      They are the better of 3 x well known BB shop muppets

      still a bit mickey mouse but like you say if you know what you want and they have it then it is worth a look.

      Most of their stuff is 2-tone as they mainly sell to newcomers

      but even then bought a few bits off them in the past and all good

      even a 2-tone non blowback m92 wasn't bad for £30 - 10% discount delivered.

      Despite the newbie beginner shop - good to support some local shops now n then I guess


      wouldn't catch me recommending JBBG

      highly highly unlikely to suggest BBGuns4Less

      But Only - aka iwholesales - same addy are ok out of the 3


      glad you got it sorted

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