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  1. Hi would this fit a HI CAPA 4.3?
  2. Is it possible to fit a tracer to this ?
  3. @SnowRoll Did you ever sell that bundle ? contact me If you still have the Hi Capa please.
  4. I've just seen this post. This is a truly magical day for me. @SnowRoll I hope all goes well in for your move to Canada. Let me know if anything changes with regards to the hi capa I am still interested.
  5. Well guys we tried but @SnowRoll was just to elusive for us. Thank you all for trying. I appreciate it. As a side note does anyone have a 5.1 TM HI CAPA for sale? Preferably near the Manchester area as I would like to try before I buy if that's possible. Thanks everyone have a great Xmas including @SnowRoll.
  6. I know it's as if he has become a myth on the forum. " Did I ever tell you the story of @SnowRoll the airsofter?"
  7. Haha this has turned into something hasn't it lol. I hope @SnowRoll isn't to mad at me for starting this lol
  8. Hi everyone. I am trying to get hold of a member called @SnowRoll regarding an advert he posted on here. I am not sure if my messages are being sent to him. I've seen that the forum is having issues regarding emails and messages. Is there anyone on here that knows if the message system is working ? Or anyone who knows this user and can let him know I am trying to contact him. I know this is a weird post i just trying to talk to him regarding his hi capa 5.1 as I would like to buy it for my brother for xmas. Thanks everyone.
  9. Does anyone know based off previous years any websites that may have any Black friday deals coming up ? I'm looking to buy a tracer for my specna arms M4 and I am also looking to pick up a Glock 17 either gen 3 or 4. Thanks
  10. Hi dude. Do you still have the Glock or have you sold it now ?
  11. Hi I can not find a SKYRC IMAX B6 Genuine anywhere. That why I am looking for a alternative. Thanks for the battery advice I will have a look.
  12. Hi, I've just ordered my first RIF and cant wait to get out and play with it. I'm stuck at the moment as to which charger and batteries to buy. I want to buy an ImaxB6 charger but can not find a genuine one anywhere. Does anyone have one to sell ? If not please can you recommend me one that is just as good preferably one that has the function to pit batteries into storage mode. I'm also not sure which batteries to buy. The recommendation is 7.4v but which brand, miliamp and C rating ones should I get ? I was wondering as well could I put 11.1v lipos in the gun as it comes with a mosfet preinstalled? Thanks.
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