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  1. Hi I can not find a SKYRC IMAX B6 Genuine anywhere. That why I am looking for a alternative. Thanks for the battery advice I will have a look.
  2. Hi, I've just ordered my first RIF and cant wait to get out and play with it. I'm stuck at the moment as to which charger and batteries to buy. I want to buy an ImaxB6 charger but can not find a genuine one anywhere. Does anyone have one to sell ? If not please can you recommend me one that is just as good preferably one that has the function to pit batteries into storage mode. I'm also not sure which batteries to buy. The recommendation is 7.4v but which brand, miliamp and C rating ones should I get ? I was wondering as well could I put 11.1v lipos in the gun as it comes with a mosfet preinstalled? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone fancies playing some Modern warfare multiplayer. You can be on console or PC as the game has cross play. I'm on PC. I play mainly Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Anyone interested let me know. 🙂
  4. Oh crap I didnt realise. I found this thread after searching MP5. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks, so maybe as a first gun they arent the best ? I have zero knowledge of RIF internals and plan to just learn as I go. Any ideas for a good out of the box noob CQB RIF ? So just to see what is the function of the hop arm ? is that what fires the BB out of the gun or is that a piston ? Like I said noob lol
  6. Hi guys I got my UKARA a few days ago and I am itching to buy my first RIF ( hopefully an MP5 ) but I am concerned as I know very little regarding battery safety. I do not want to buy cheap batteries or a crap charger. I live in a 2 bedroom flat and do not fancy setting the place on fire. I have seen a few horror stories regarding swollen batteries and want to do everything I can to avoid this as running and throwing it into the back garden isnt really an option for me. I am looking for somewhere that has a full comprehensive guide to Lipo batteries and the correct way to charge them. I am slightly aware of the issue of over or under charging them but I dont really know the details. I did try and search the forum and google but didnt really manage to find anything that helps. Any help you guys could provide would be awesome Thanks.
  7. Hi mate I have just got my ukara and thinking about an MP5 for my first RIF as i play mostly CQB. What is your opinion of the JG brand? I have been looking at the Taiwan Gun site and the sell this brand. How was it out of the box ? did it require a lot of upgrades to get it up to a decent standard ?
  8. Sounds cool. I've seen that stockport site online. I wouldn't mind getting down there some time.
  9. Hey dude thanks for the reply. I'm living in Bury at the moment. I'm doing my UKARA at the vault in Bury. £20 is a really good price for 4 hours. I'm a little to far from you but thanks for the offer of a seat in your car.
  10. @rocketdogbert Hey dude I'm 31 @Rogerborg I did try to reply before to you but for some reason it didn't post. Regarding public transport. I will not be using it. My wife drives and she will give me a ride to and from the site. There is no way I would go onto a bus with a RIF if I got stopped by the police I would surely drop a brown trout in my pants lol If buying a RIF would get anyone in to trouble I would not do it. I didn't think of that. @Tommikka
  11. Hello everyone, I would like to start off by saying please tell me if this post is breaking any rules. I did look through the rules but did not see anything regarding this. Ok so....... I have recently just got into the sport and I have fallen in love with it. I have played 3 games at different sites and would like to now purchase my first gun to enhance my experience and fun within the sport. I have played games at Anzio Camp (Leek), Dagger Woods (Preston) and The kill house (Leeds). I'm local to Manchester and these sites are to far away for me to go to on my own as I do not drive. My local will be the First and only site in Bury called The Vault. I fully intend to play here on a regular basis if I like the site. My issue is I do not want to pay for anymore hire kit as I have already done this a few times. I have full intensions of acquiring my UKARA number ASAP. I would like to know realistically do I have any options for buying my first RIF without the number?. I am wanting to buy a GLOCK 17 GEN 3 as the site I will be playing at is a CQB site. I know a lot of people say you should buy a rifle first then move on to a side arm later but I would like to do this the other way around due to my local sites layout. Once I have played my 3 games and registered I will then purchase my Rifle. **EDIT** I forgot to mention that I do not want to buy a two tone pistol I would like a RIF. If anyone has any insight into this I look forward to hearing from you. Have fun and stay safe
  12. Hi everyone I've been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks now. I've finally decide to say hi so....... Hi everyone. I live in the Manchester area. So far the sites I have tried are Anzio camp (Leek), Dagger woods (Preston) and The Kill house (Leeds). I am looking at going to The Vault (Bury) next week as that would be my local venue. I am just renting guns currently but if I like The Vault I will do my UKARA there and Finally get to purchasing my own setup. I am Thinking a Glock 17 and some kind of M4 variant but I have not decide anything yet and those choices may change. I don't know if this cheeky but I am also so looking for people in my area who try other sites that may have a spare seat in their car as I do not currently drive. I would of course pay towards petrol and maybe even a cheeky McDonald's breakfast every now and again Thanks for dropping by and reading my intro. Have fun on the battlefield everyone maybe our BB's will cross paths one day
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