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  1. Finally finished my stock, just need to fix/attach the rear stock with a better bracket and paint the grip tan, but other than that it's 99.9% finished.
  2. He he yeah just their views in regards to airsoft, guns their pretty good with, but they don't like replica's, just strange but thats their laws i suppose.
  3. In this day and age, i would choose the SRS, only because you will easily spend the amount for an SRS on your VSR in the end. Of course i love the VSR, but yeah mags are not game friendly if wearing gloves, but that's an easy fix. SRS FTW.
  4. Really surprised about reading this, Australia is a very backwards country and very behind the rest of the world and i see no reason for Canada to lower itself to that level.
  5. My goodness i wonder what the ammo capacity is like on that. I can see that thing being held by a Juggernaut lol. Can picture 2 people tied together holding it by each grip, would have to be a mutual agreement for every shot though fun times ha ha.
  6. I was like...yeah what is tactical, but you pretty much nailed, maybe it's a combination of a few key things. I would call the M870 tactical for sure, not big, not heavy, can conceal it, easily manourable.
  7. I think a powder coat would look really nice also, now you got me thinking about it..but i think i will powder coat the next stock i want to build, not for this stock though. EDIT-This being my first stock it could have been much better, I'm very happy with it for it blows the original stock away. This stock took quite a few hours for i stopped going directly off my original stock and just went with that i wanted which wasn't the way to go about it. If i wanted to make a new one i could have it done in a day for i would approach it very differently.
  8. I was going to camo wrap it in digital green, but it's a weird camo it damn well blends into everything so decided to go just a matt black for now, can't re.ally decide for before i wanted the digital camo wrap. It wont stay black though, the original stock was matt black so would rather something different.
  9. Thanks very much Misery, it's almost finished, just needs to be painted and finished off, different fasteners, etc. Looks rough now but should hopefully look much better soon will a matt black finish.
  10. Thats freaking awesome, would be great fun.
  11. Zero1 are fantastic, great service and fast on comms.
  12. Welcome Patrick have fun amigo!
  13. I've owned my VSR10 for almost 8 years now, broke the stock awhile ago, or rather i had it sitting up high and a friend knocked it off, breaking the stock in a couple of places, needless to say it was gone and beyond a tasteful repair. So i knocked up an alloy stock, thought i'd post some progress pics for my first thread. Everything is mocked up lots to do still, just need to file around the mag area so the mags slide in just right. Have to say alloy feels really nice and has an awesome weight to it. Dummy magazine for looks, but will have
  14. Hi everyone, I'm not getting alerts for threads I'm following, tried a few things but nothing is working thanks for any help! EDIT if admin can read this can you please delete thank you i got the colour wrong! So embarrassing i can hardly see what I'm typing
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