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  1. Also remember to get stuck in, many new players join and take it slow and steady being too cautious about being shot. I think most people agree that the first game of the day is always a bit on your tip toes because you can't remember if it hurts or not but once you get hit for the first time in the day you have nothing to worry about. Also remember that the rental guns are not going to be perfect but will be good enough to hit anyone on the site. Lastly nothing is a silly idea if it works, sometimes sprinting into no man's land wins you the game
  2. I've been doing a cyma ak build lately. I purchased it from PB. The springs are definitely coming from TG. Cyma aks always come really hot and Patrol Base use TG as a "supplier" I think what they are doing is ordering guns from TG and then getting them to downgrade them (which TG offer for free to normal customers). My Cyma ak came to me at 310 fps which is around the 310 downgrade that TG do. Also my spring looks exactly the same as the one you have.
  3. Didn't look like it was cut short it was just incredibly weak. Felt like it could either be a really poor grade m90 or even a m80. I think what currently happens is that Patrol Base order RIFs through TaiwanGun as they have a bit of "partnership" going on. Which do the work of reducing the fps as quickly as possible down to their low fps setting of 310. Replacing the spring is probably a bit quicker and more reliable than cutting the spring. Closing this particular gearbox on the cm048m was considerably easy - A magnet on the anti reverse latch and the trigger liked to play ball. In terms of springs the gearparts range at ak2m4 are very solid for the price. For some reason they are much easier to install than other springs as the coils on one end are much tighter than the other. I also installed a ZCI m100 during my testing which just loved to try and pop out towards me where as the gearparts preferred to stay put.
  4. M95 has seemed to do the job. Currently shooting 349 on 20s with no hop applied and 293 on 28s. Just under the limit but I think the hop will help bring it a little bit down more. Will play with it this weekend if all is well and will type up a in depth guide next week. It's a shame companies like patrol base do this to cyma aks by putting in such weak springs. I may have to start offering a Cyma spring upgrade service...
  5. Has been a funny few days. Started off doing the airseal which for some reason dropped the fps by 5 or so but was more consistent. (Could be due to friction of the oring) I noticed that the CM048m Nozzle length is the shorter nozzle instead of the longer one. The longer one worked perfectly fine but I think having the intended length is probably best so I swapped to the shorter one. I also then started upgrading springs as the one in the gearbox from stock (I take it whoever supplied PB with the cyma aks puts these terrible springs in to get under 350fps). I was recommended a m105 by ak2m4 and to our surprise it was shooting at 400fps. I also bought a ZCI M100 at the same time to drop in if the 105 was too high and that is still a bit hot at 370. I'm thinking I should now get a m95 or m90 and go from there. Once I got it where I like it I will do a bit of a in depth guide for the gun as a whole on recommended parts and etc.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    A lovely little G&G MP5A4 with blowback polymer body. Very consistent chrono readings of around 320 fps +-5 fps. I purchased this 2nd hand as a backup gun and I have only personally skirmished it once to test it out however I'm parting with it as it's a little bit too small for my hands and I have recently gained a new RIF. The gun has some small signs of wear and tear however they have been covered up by the previous owner with a bit of paint and it looks good. Included will be a mix of 16 midcaps/lowcaps ( I can't remember how much of each). Body is polymer and the stock is a full stock allowing for a large amount of different batteries. It is wired to big tamiya however I can included a big tamiya to small tamiya adapter if needed. The only issue I have found with the gun is that inside the stock there is a tamiya connection which connects the trigger assembly to the longer bit of wire which runs into the stock which includes the fuse and etc. On that middle connection one of the pins is a little bit loose and likes to wiggle itself out of the plastic tamiya head. I found that usually just pushing it back into the connector fixes it but down the line I would recommended installing a new one for peace of mind. Will calculate shipping on offer if needed. Any questions or any offers let me know


    Stratford-Upon-Avon - GB

  7. JVacation

    Cyma Ak74u


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    Looking for a Cyma ak74u. Can be working or boneyard. Let me know what you've got!


  8. Had a response from PB today saying that it's very rarely that they receive them firing them hot. I take it they come from Taiwangun then and they do the downgrade for PB as their "low" option (310). If the airseal work doesn't help significantly what strength of spring would you recommend?
  9. Sorry I should of clarified. I was using a garden 40-50m long and it's dropping around 30m. Increasing the hop anymore just causes a jam and I can't overhop 0.28 at all which should be somewhat possible. The gun seems to cycle fine just doesn't have the power. Last time when I did chrono it did seem to have a 15 fps deviation too. I think cracking it open and checking airseals and putting a oring nozzle on first is a good starting point Also I'm using a 7.4 turnigy lipo from hobbyking. 1500mah.
  10. Been giving a better try today at shooting at a range of 40-50 metres using 0.28. Gun is definitely struggling a bit. I don't currently have my chrono to check but it's obvious that the power is not where it needs to be. I have a feeling patrol base most likely cuts more off the spring to be "safe" instead of trying to get to the ideal power. I have ordered some new o rings and a o ring nozzle to see if there is an issue with the airseal first. Will then check the chrono before deciding if it needs a new spring. Will let you know how it goes.
  11. Cheers guys, Ill do the basic upgrade for the time being of the ML bucking and nub. Ill run it for a few days and see how it goes. The external quality of the RIF is actually unreal for the price point and I am led to believe that the internals are very good too.
  12. Hello, Recently my CM048m order from Patrol Base arrived. It's a Christmas present to me but I gave it a quick test fire and fps check before it gets wrapped up. With the hop fully off it is firing 0.2g at a max of 310fps. Does this seem a bit low or do you think that's about right? I will get round to upgrading the bucking, nub and barrel in the future as standard so hopefully that will help. Cheers
  13. CM048m on my way for Christmas. Any recommendations or ideas on what to do to it?

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      for a classic style ak something like this: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-ak-svd-sling?pv=5031


      if you search the likes of amazon you'll find reproduction and (claimed at least) surplus ones, not particularly fancy but means you don't have to constantly be carrying the gun.


      if you're looking for a mode modern/tacticool setup then can't really help too much, only modern style sling i've run on an ak was the vickers tacitcl/blue force gear one which is a neat setup but has the pricetag to match.

    3. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      I agree with the above advice 100%.  For a sling I have bought an AK sling from Ant Supplies for years.  I used to soak the leather tabs in leather food for a few days, but the new ones are some kind of synthetic material.  


      All but two rifs have one fitted.  That means that I must have spent about £150 on bloody slings...  




      If you are keen, a new hop rubber and inner barrel is fine, the hop itself is a nice metal unit.  


      I've a couple of 4 series CYMAs, they are a cracking rifle. 


      Many a filthy capitalist has met his plastic death on their account.  They are snappy enough to leave the standard motor in situ.

    4. Druid799


      Stick a battery and a mag in it and shoot your white load all over the other team ! 🥴


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    Looking for AK Side Scope Mount for a Cyma AK. Also looking for AK Platform mags. Let me know what you have!


    , Warwickshire - GB

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