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  1. I’m up for a laugh and no doubt @Alimcdwill need some help carrying his collection of pistols 😂
  2. You forgot the custom replacement cylinder for the dented one it came with,.. but we’ve gone a little off topic,.. Back to custom paint lol I mean just what you want as a sniper,.. bright hulk green 😂
  3. Lol I spent a day and a half de-customising my 707 and that was all flat ish surfaces 😂 good luck getting it out of all those dimples
  4. My cat could do a better paint job with a crayola wax crayon lol It’s funny because my sniper can in the same shitty hulk “custom” green paint, this air smith guy gets around a bit roflmao Yup definitely a custom job 😂
  5. Custom built buy a guy in a factory in China, custom taken apart buy a guy at cheap airsoft retailer.com for two toning for a non ukara player and the custom reassembled for sale?
  6. The worst part is my aging brain can vaguely work out what that is based on but can’t for the life of me remember what it was called,.. the electro spider,.. or some dodgy impulse clone
  7. Hey folks I’ve been playing for a while now but just got onto the boards. I usually play as a sniper, I have a cyma cm-707, an m249 and a novritsch Ssx23, urgh he’s got a novritsch I hear some one grumbling, it’s my gun, my money,.. my choice! I’m not arguing it shoots straight, silent and generally further than most aegs. I generally play woodland but I’m up for anything for a laugh
  8. Splat master Jesus that’s a blast from the past,... as a retired paint baller current airsofter I have one thing to say about this new platform and that is simply NOPE!,.. what is this abomination? I I wanted to be a soda stream ghost buster I’d still be playing paintball,...
  9. Unfortunately the world is populated with enough snowflakes to bring about the next ice age. Face ache and insta ham is churning them out faster than they can be picked off,.. {swaps to lmg} but I’m ready for them,..
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