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  1. You're all wrong, he clearly says in the ad 'its two tone blue but was assured that the paint will come off without any hassle as I told the seller I was going to be getting UKARA soon', must be some kind of magic ez-begone paint that just comes off super easily!
  2. https://prefired.co.uk/ads/src-m4/ Top it off with another ad from the same guy pricing a beaten up SRC M4 with a crazy amount of accessories (3 hi caps, a red dot and a 1600mah battery!) for the unbeatable price of 275
  3. The quality that is oozing out of the picture proves you wrong, that level of care and quality is insane
  4. Still fairly confident that gas shotties are one of the most fun platforms to use, even if you run them stock, and if not the most fun definitely the most balls to the wall so to speak. Also unless you hpa tap them and run a drum mag I'd consider them very much still be non-speedsoft guns. At the same time, been meaning to try out the dark side and go dual pistols sometime.
  5. https://prefired.co.uk/ads/knight-hawk-1911/ 'Custom Knight Hawk 1911 pistol with one magazine and gas, fired once to test it worked. absolutely perfect craftmanship I was unable to get this pistol anywhere as it was out of stock and had a professional airsoft gunsmith source parts and make one even better than the original as he ensured every piece and seals were done to perfection when you get your hands on it and feel the slide action you will know exactly what I mean really sad to see it go but times are tough.' This is the description for an absolutely beautiful lime gree
  6. No worries mate, the joke made me chuckle. Used to wording my stuff formally so probably came across as a bit cold in my response
  7. Never used public transport to get to a site before (mostly due to the sheer amount of gear I have) so wasn't aware; good point though. Amended now I guess
  8. A place to share the amazing pictures always taken by the on site photographer down at Reforger Airsoft. Feel free to contribute your own! This is just to showcase the quality of the photos you're likely to get (for free I might add) should you come and check the site out, and to hopefully alleviate quarantine boredom for some of you. Taken 26/07/20, Me and two mates of mine
  9. Not to mention the whole classifieds section which is arguably the most active in the UK ever since Usedairsoft went kaput, and doesn't push for you to pay (looking at you, Prefired admins).

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    Raven G17 in cherry blossom pink with some stickers to really make it pop. Everything in pictures included as well as original box. Beautiful gun, absolutely hilarious to use in CQB as everyone has a good laugh over being blasted by it, and performs damn well. Upgrades thrown in are mostly external, includes 2 element Glock speed plates for better handling, as well as Cow Cow Glock fibre optic sights which just complete the look. There is also a WE G17 nozzle assembly in there to replace the stock Raven one which broke on me earlier, will also include the Raven spare 2 nozzle assemblies they include in the box. All magazines are gas-tight and work flawlessly, the hop unit is stock but has had an electrical tape mod applied to it to make it hop .28s which I normally used with this gun, picture of the hop rubber shown. Shame to see it go, but I'm cutting excess weight off my loadout and this has to go. If you like cherry blossom (nothing wrong with that), or if you're one of the lucky sods whose girlfriend agrees to go airsoft with them, pick this up, as I guarantee it'll turn heads and create smiles wherever it goes. Cracking CQB gun, as with most of these type of Glocks. 100 for everything you see including the extended magazine taco pouch (please note the double pistol mag pouch in the pics has now been sold in a separate deal and is no longer available), this includes postage cost but does not include PayPal fees if you're using PayPal. If you'd like to buy the pouch or the extended magazine (its a Marui btw, can put normal base plate and remove stickers easily for you), I'm happy to split. I can be reached here or on 07717682228 for a quicker response, Cheers for reading, stay safe everyone.


    Mill Hill, London - GB

  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is a custom 3D printed kit that has been fitted over a Raven G18C. Everything in pictures included, original box can be included but probably won't fit due to the kit. Been airbrushed and had painted to look like the Halo Reach magnum, one of my favourite guns, and performs similarly; a maple leaf hop unit has been installed as well as a 50 degree Autobot bucking to make the range on this thing admirable to say the least. The cherry on top is the (expensive) Cow Cow metal trigger unit that's been fitted, which gives a phenomenally crisp break and a very snappy reset, fits the aesthetic perfectly and has been tuned to have the smallest reset possible. Has full auto functionality for additional awesomeness. Pros? Cooler than any sidearm on your local field, and probably outperforms most as well. Cons? Can't really be put in a normal holster, but will fit nicely in a dump pouch. Even if you're just a collector, this is a beautiful piece. Why am I selling such a beauty? Again, cutting weight off my loadout and this just doesn't get used enough. Not the collector type myself, so hate to see it sat on my shelf (in all its glory), but gathering dust. 150 for everything, this includes postage cost but does not include PayPal fees if you're using PayPal. Usually I don't feel the need to justify my prices, but the hours that went into sanding this to fit and painting it were painstaking, and I'd like to get a decent amount back for my work. I can be reached here or on 07717682228 for a quicker response, Cheers for reading, stay safe everyone.


    london, mill hill - GB

  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Everything shown included in price as well as original box, all mags are fully gas-tight and work flawlessly, Long mags have 31 round capacity so if you can find a convenient way to holster this iconic gun, its one helluva sidearm. Has a very high full auto functionality, but I'd advise against using it a lot as it'll wear out the internals more. Shoulder stock/holster works brilliantly, please note the 11 round short mag has had its locking open catch removed to prevent it from locking open the gun, as I only used this mag for display purposes and dry firing. Everything has been oiled after each skirmish, internals are all in great condition and external condition is as seen in pictures. Absolutely beams .28s with a bit too much hop, would advise using .3s with this. Chronos quite close to being too hot at around 250, so I'd advise using duster gas to stay under site limits when the weather is really hot (not that that will be anytime soon). Will be cleaned and oiled prior to being sent out. Brilliant gun, sad to see it go, but my loadout just doesn't work with it, and I have plenty of fun GBB toys already. If you buy it and plan to use it with a WW1 loadout... Promise to send me some pictures, as I'm sure it would look absolutely amazing. If you'd like to know more about this gun, there's a brilliant review here outlining the various pros and cons; https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/5p0lpr/we_mauser_m712_review/ 150 for everything you see including the pouches, this includes postage cost but does not include PayPal fees if you're using PayPal. Will be happy to sell the pouch and maybe one of the magazines separately but no more than one. I can be reached here or on 07717682228 for a quicker response, Cheers for reading, stay safe everyone.


    Mill Hill, London - GB

  13. How much would you pay for a full metal WE Mauser in good condition and with the holster/stock with 3 long mags and 1 short?
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