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  1. Well the new cod looks laughable... not that im surprised

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    2. Dan_W


      They have at least two years. A different devs usually take it turn about, it used to be Infinity Ward/Treyarch take it year about but i'm not too sure how it works now because Sledge Hammer are in the mix.

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Agree with Dan. I said the same thing myself. Developers like Bethesda for example...look at the work they put into the story and lore and all the details, and the sales / recognition they get in return. Not saying Fallout / Skyrim are unpopular because they are also big series and I know a lot of other great games but COD still gets a load of sales when they release the same sh*t every year. My mates and I have had really good moments playing ARMA / BFBC2 / BF3 etc but none I can think of pl...

    4. Esoterick


      Maybe it will have a "next gen" engine like ghosts did:


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