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  1. people joking about thatchers death is just sick,just because she made mistakes doesnt mean she should be spoken like that. She did alot of good things for this country (we wouldnt own the falklands otherwise) she was a mother,sister and grandmother not just a piece of meat. Rant over

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    2. iSnipez


      You obviously have not studied Nazi Germany if you think that Hitler ruled Germany democratically, he was no better than Stalin in that he ruled it via fear and terror tactics. On another note, Thatcher dealt with the unions as their demands were simply excessive, you cannot keep demanding such things like higher wages without expecting wider macroeconomic issues such as increasing inflation which would actually have made these artifically higher wages worth less in REAL terms. So actually no...

    3. Tariq


      Never said ruled democratically, but he was fairly elected. TBH what modern western country is RULED democratically? Once they are elected they rule until the next election... we have no say in the meantime....

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      Anyway, we're all preaching to our associated converts here. Arguing isn't going to change anything. I hate her guts, you don't, let's go our separate ways before it gets too out of hand. Status closed.

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