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  1. Thanks for all the responses guys, I really appreciate it! Think I'll give it a shot, sounds like a fun challenge. Just one last query, do you carry a bottle of gas with you on the field or leave it at the safe zone?
  2. Leaning more and more towards a gas powered rifle as they look to be a lot of fun! I would like to get the opinions of a couple of gas users before I do though. Of course, they have much lower capacity magazines than your average electric gun, do they actually have a fair chance in most firefights? I would assume picking your shots and conserving ammo is now of greater priority and I have heard about cooldown issues, so does that basically rule out full auto and mean you always stick to semi? If not, how often is full auto used? Upon initial inspection, it seems most gas rifles roughly share the ammo capacity of their real counterparts - What's the usual recommended amount of mags to have when owning a gas rifle? I understand there are many variables at play here such as play style, game length, etc... I suppose my last question to you gas users is, do you recommend using a gas rifle as a primary when the majority have electric? Cheers fellas!
  3. Very nice, any pics? Also, how much was it?
  4. Was definitely a 5.11 TacTec or clone of one. Didn't think to go ask questions, he seemed very "in the zone" in the corner.
  5. Was a bloody shock, I'll tell you that! Very unexpected 😂 Then saw someone wearing a white covert type carrier today with blue gloves, walking very quickly. Are plate carriers a thing in general now?
  6. Started my fitness journey a few weeks back (getting tired of the ol' spare tyre) and to my surprise, someone was wearing a black plate carrier while training! I assume it had some kind of weighted plates or a similar substitute. Guess it kind of looked like a 5.11 TacTec? I know weighted vests are a thing commonly used in fitness, but has anyone ever seen someone in an actual plate carrier in a similar setting? Certainly was interesting to see! Overkill? Normal? God knows!
  7. Bought some tm scar mags, prepping for my first game with it!
  8. Nah it is an 8fields plate carrier 🙄 he is actually just an airsofter who took the opportunity to look oper8r with his g&g cm16 in public
  9. TM recoil Scar H 😀 Going to be waiting by the door for the postman even though I ordered it just 10 minutes ago 🙄 One can hope!
  10. So, it is essentially just for looks in airsoft? An inch or two of rail may not weigh much, but it will definitely add up if someone only uses max 7" of their rail but they have at least a 14" rail system (basically twice the weight in rail)
  11. Quite new to this so I am still just trying to figure a few things out. Been seeing more and more of these super long rail systems in airsoft lately, usually for the AR type RIFs. What is the point of a rail system that extends all the way to the end of a 16" barrel, for example? No one seems to utilise the rail slots beyond about 6-7" and even then, it is usually just a foregrip and maybe a bipod (for those super cool M4 DMRs with a scope, KAC foregrip, Harris bipod, magwell grip and silencer). Can someone enlighten me as to why so many people opt for them and utilise them like your average 7" KAC rail? It just seems like extra weight. Or is it just another attribute to looking cool with a full auto M4 DMR? TIA
  12. Well what a coincidence, same gun, got a tan one. Sucks about the barrel, so expensive PTS Masada
  13. Hello, is there a place that I can get a section of my outer barrel removed and rejoined (I want to keep the barrel threads), or just shorten the barrel and rethread it? I do not want to pay £100+ for a short barrel for my gbbr. I would do it myself but I have no experience with stuff like this and I do not want to mess it up. Thank you
  14. Took the plunge and bought an ARP9 with a drum mag! Super excited! Pictures will follow when it all arrives
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