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  1. Mantle

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Took the plunge and bought an ARP9 with a drum mag! Super excited! Pictures will follow when it all arrives
  2. Mantle

    Best CQB gun, a pistol?

    I see, as we are talking about Glocks, any idea what the average range of a stock tm g17/g18 is? I will consider the maple leaf set if it really is that significant. I was using a Krytac crb up until now but I really prefer pistols in almost every way
  3. Mantle

    Best CQB gun, a pistol?

    What kind of difference does the maple leaf set make? Is it significant?
  4. I am relatively new so I am not the most experienced. However, I am looking at airsoft from a practical standpoint, rather than tacticool. Would a pistol not be the ideal choice for airsoft CQB? We are all shooting 6mm, so that is the main difference from the real world (and not killing each other). You would hardly be shooting to the ends of the earth in a CQB environment and it seems that the majority use semi auto anyway. Pistols are ridiculously compact as opposed to rifles (obviously) and their magazines are much easier to store/carry. Would a pistol be the most practical option? The only issue I could see would be the small iron sights but I guess a small red dot could solve that. If you do not think it is the most practical option, then why not? I am just searching for opinions as I would like to know which route would be best to take. For reference, I am thinking of maybe a Tokyo Marui Hi Cappa or Glock 17/19/22, gas blow back of course.* I also prefer low/real cap magazines, not sure why. Last question I would like to present would be that in the event of needing to shoot at longer distances, what upgrades would have to be applied to a gbb pistol to reach a little further than standard; Is it as simple as changing the bucking and inner barrel? Thank you all and I hope for this to be an interesting thread! *I have heard about the magic of the TM MK23 and the range, but I do not wish to own one as I want it to be a blowback pistol.
  5. Mantle

    Making a Royal Mail claim? Value?

    Cheers guys! Also had a package go missing back in Feb and ended up giving a refund straight away, I suppose I will make a claim for that too. Sending internationally with RM does not seem to be going well...
  6. Hi Long story short, I sold a few Warrior pouches for £40 and sent it via International Tracked & Signed to Germany which cost £11.60. They were sent on the 25th of March. The tracking keeps saying it is either at Heathrow or "On it's way to GLS Germany". It has said this 3 times. First on the 25th March, then 10th April and again on 21st April. Starting to doubt it will ever make it and the buyer is understandably requesting a refund as it was meant to arrive in 5 - 7 days. I have taken a look at the lost item form for Royal Mail and it is asking for proof of the value of the item. It was a private sale, sold at a price I set. How do I prove the value? It also says "item value" and "actual item value" (cost to make etc), not sure how I am supposed to know the "actual" value, what am I supposed to do there? The only proof of the transaction would be the PayPal transaction and the postage receipt. Anyone dealt with this in the past and can shed a little light? Would like to get it resolved as quickly as possible and I do not want to cause a delay because I potentially make a mistake on the form regarding value. I did leave a return address on the back of the parcel, will it ever actually be returned to me? Any idea how long that takes? Thanks!
  7. Mantle

    Can a 416 rail fit on a 417

    A VFC 416 rail fits a 417?
  8. Mantle

    Can a 416 rail fit on a 417

    Hi all I have a TM 417 but I want to change the rail but cannot find any. Will rails for the 416 fit on a 417? Is there a big difference? I see that the 416 rail has one screw holding it and the 417 has 2 screws holding it. Apart from this, I do not see a difference. Can a 416 rail still be affixed via the 1 screw instead of 2?
  9. Mantle

    What is the best TM gas pistol?

    I love my mk23 with tdc mod and carbine kit
  10. I was looking at warrior just now funnily enough, thank you
  11. The plates are fairly stiff, looks like I may just return it and get something better fitting! The gen 2 fapc looks pretty good so I'll shop around and see. Cheers guys
  12. Yeah the vest came with 2 foam plates, the fit is drastically worse without them. I've just never had experience with this kind of vest, my previous ones essentially wrapped around my stomach area whereas this one does not
  13. Hi I have a flyye fast attack plate carrier (generation 1) but I cannot get it to fit properly, even when fully adjusted. It still just seems to ride up if I lift my arms or perform a similar movement and won't go back into place. I've fully adjusted both sides to make it as tight as possible but the problem still persists. I'm 5ft11, ~83kg with a 42" chest so I'm a bit puzzled as to how I can't get it to fit right. Anyone got any tips or solutions, without buying a new plate carrier? Am I just doing it all wrong? Cheers!
  14. Mantle

    Sending GBBR magazines in the post

    Thank you very much Proffrink. Unfortunately I couldn't see those status updates as I'm on the mobile version but thank you for linking it to me. I'll probably take the risk and try to get them through with PF in that case
  15. Hi What delivery service is advised when sending GBBR magazines? The magazines with be completely degassed prior to sending. Is it safe to use parcelforce?