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  1. Another one of my sewing endeavours was to add knee-pad pockets to some surplus MTP trousers using left over material from the PC I made earlier, and hopefully expanding for a full MTP loadout at some point. I'm going to be using the knee-pad inserts from some other trousers so they can just be swapped over depending on what I want to run on a particular day. Turns out to be pretty easy to prototype on baking parchment to get the dimensions right, but sewing on to an already complete trouser leg is more difficult than it seams and the pockets are a bit off centre so it's not 100% in the right place when you kneel down but it easy enough to shuffle around and get comfy. Before sewing the pocket on I also added some Velcro to the outside of the leg so that the knee-pad didn't just pop out.
  2. I just have my speed loader, gas, BBs & water in a bright red rucksack that I drop a the spawn, if it goes walkies someone should see it.
  3. I've been meaning to check out The Goal, it's not too much further away. But I've not heard anything about it.
  4. The finish on the WE defiantly leave something to be disiered, mine has quite a lock of wear marks on the magwell when it has been rubbing on my metal belt buckle. I would imagine the the VFC has better externals and the H&K markings if thats something that you care about. I've not seen much about the VFC internals. As for the WE, mines been performing grate, although I have put a maple leaf bucking and crazy jet barrel and running it on CO2 with 0.3g, getting ~1.4J (315-325Fps) so I've had to semi lock it. The stock WE internals will last a while as long as you do the regular clean & re-lube after every game, and when they do brake there are stock & upgrade replacements readily available.
  5. If they have any of the millary training smokes (big green metal canister) there about 8-9 quid a pop, but they shit on every other smoke grenade I've used. Definaly worth getting one just to see how effective they are. But it looks like we could get a small asfuk Cambridgeshire group going
  6. Unfortunately I'm not free the next few weekends, but I might see if I can get out both days of the film Sim
  7. I used to have a WE scar that I got second hand for £250 with mags, but being a second hand gbb the bolt eventualty fell apart, I ended up repairing it and selling it on as at the time I couldn't afford to run it. However I missed the fun of gbbrs so I picked up a WE 416c (new this time) for £350 had it out for 3 games so far and have been loving it, I feel like most of my collection might now get so much use now. My one hate of the WE M4 disine is how the hop up is adjusted, it a gient pain in the arse, a tiny grub screw that needs and Allan key in the chamber that you can turn less that a 1/4 of the way round in one go, it just easier to take the rail system, outer barrel and then inner barrel and hop unit out of adjust it.
  8. I'm near Huntingdon at the moment, I when to a few of Urbans mid week night games last year, it's such a great sight in the pitch black, real shame they don't have any on this year. but I do need to give it another shot for a weekend game, I think the fact the last time I when there my gun broke made tainted the experience a bit.
  9. November last year I was find a need for a plate carrier but couldn't find anything that didn't impede my ability to crouch and crall and fitted my very skinny upper body tightly so it doesn't wiggle about a lover the place. A week or two of trawling ebay I came across some surplus 500d cordua mtp fabric and about a month of taking measurements and going though about 5 revisions on the disine I managed to make this. This was my first time let lose on a sewing machine so it is rough around the edges but it's held up to the abuse that I've given it. The cumberbun is reversible depending on whether i want pouches mounted vertically or horizontaly. Making this has realy set my mind racing with ideas but next up is going to be a chest rig for my p90
  10. Yep, have to say I absolutely love gunman, never a bad day. Just trying to become a bit more active on the forums now and find out who's about locally
  11. I'm probably going to be going on the 8th for one of there film sims, interesting who here is in the area.
  12. Here is some information on how different airlines handle airsoft guns. As for importing you need a defense or a reason for owning them, the most common one is being a member of an UKARA affiliated airsoft sight. Probably the easiest way for you to import them is to ship them to someone with a UKARA number. You could also try contacting UKAPU and see if they have any insight for you case.
  13. Thanks for this, it's done the trick
  14. I have a problem with the trigger on a V2 gearbox for an ASG MP5 (not sure on the OEM). Full auto & safe work as expected, however on semi when you pull the trigger it does not pull all the way to the rear, you pull the trigger though a hand brake then it works as expected until you change fire mode again. I have a Video of the issue I hope that might help diagnose this issue. As a side note if anyone can tell me why the anti-reverisal latch is such a pain to get seated right in V2 boxes compared to V3s I would live to know why it such a pain in the arse.
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