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  1. Ace, keep an eye out for the guy with a bunch of PVC pipe
  2. I'll be out on the 30th, and I will be bringing my motor prototype, I could use a hand testing it.
  3. Yea, same thing happened. Aslo tried 4 different batteries, nothing changed
  4. I picked up a gate warfet the other day and when I plug it in to an AEG it works fine, but the programming card does not seam to detect it and the LED on the card just flash like its searching for a mosfet,l. The LEDS on the Fet also just flash, almost like its stuck in a reboot loop. Anyone have any ideas whats likely to be the issue. Video showing the issue
  5. I should be out on Saturday if anyone is around.
  6. @Asomodai Thanks for that, I'll probably end up getting that Retro Arms one as that a decent price for that. @UKCYukarin That's good to know, also the material is just listed as "metal" so probably just another Zinc alloy shell anyway
  7. Long story short, I've stripped a few of the treads on my Cyma AK's gearbox, I've re-tapped the treads but have just striped again, and not even with any real force, so I'm now looking for a new gearbox shell. I'm only really considering ones that have a quick change spring for ease of disassembly, however all I can find for V3s is this Zinc Alloy shell that will be just as prone to striping the treads or a Retro Arms one that will hold up but is probably out of my price range. Does any one know of any thing that's might be a bit more affordable but still have a quick change spring as all I can find are just plane bog standard shells.
  8. I'm going to be out on the Sunday if anyone wants to meet up
  9. I can't say really, I've only been to the sites once. I may have to come back and give it another go
  10. The googles are TMC also as is the headset Also the goggles also come in tactical pink
  11. @Kong they have some interesting areas but the vast majority of it is very open and mostly flat with some slight undulations. Idlealy I recon they should get some more structures up. It felt like they were going though the teathing phase and not knowing what games to run for what amount of people, as they tried to use the hole site with just 15 guys, and it's not a small area. That was a few months ago now so probably worth a look to see if they've improved. If your only 15 minuets away from them, then your also quit close to mad dog airsoft. They have been running a number of years, although I'm not sure how long precicly, however I did go there hung over in the snow so I can't comment of how well it was atualy run, but they definely have an interesting layout of the feild probably worth going just to check that out.
  12. @djben9 Was that the one this weekend? I was meant to be going but I was Ill unfortunately. @Markuz You'll normally find me at gunman, but i'll post on the meet topic when I am, just need to stop breaking my guns when I try to fix them.
  13. Unfortunately a combination of fathers day and my dads birthday means I'm not available that weekend
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