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  1. UPS kindly updated me at 6:17 to let me know it won't be delivered today but tomorrow. Could be Saturday before I can collect it. Stupid UPS website is useless I tried to set up a redirect on my address to a collection location but f knows why it won't let me redirect the package to that loacation hopefully the redirect picks it up.

    1. Rogerborg


      Their local pick up points are usually corner shops and the like, with a bit of space behind the counter.  I've had two of the local ones knock back RIF sized deliveries now - I fired in complains to UPS, but there doesn't seem to be any consequences for them doing this.


      I foresee a CYMA CM.123 in your future... ;)

    2. Musica


      First time I had it delivered was to a pickup point but the evos package is actually tiny.  But they sent it out to my actual address this time and UPS won't change it


      "A signature is required for parcel delivery your parcel cannot be delivered to the requested location."


      Not sure if I will be able to pick it up Saturday never had a missed UPS before. 

    3. StayOnTarget


      It does feel like we Airsofters are singled out for shit delivery services the only one thats been 100% for me is DHL.its like they know how much we want to get our PEW on and go out of their way to deny us our right to cause pain on others....Outrageous!!! 😡 🖖

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