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  1. I’ve been using Ares mid caps with out issue. Got a pack of 5 for around £60
  2. I absolutely agree with this sentiment. When I got my first gun I thought it looked freaking awesome, came in a nice box, felt great to handle but then I put a scratch on the receiver trying to remove a qc stick and was heart broken. Fast forward to now and I have just gotten my second and I can’t wait for it to get some use and pick up some battle scars. The whole battle worn look really does it for me now.
  3. I can’t fault my CZ p-09, it’s performed very well, so much so that 2 of the guys I play with bought one as well. Not much of an upgrade path if that’s your thing with pistols though. Im also keeping an eye out for any news on a sig P320/M17 which will be the new US Army service pistol but it’s early days for one of those. However I love the look of it and supposedly sig have pulled licenses so the can produce there own airsoft kit.
  4. Good, I don’t fancy mucking with the internals since everyone seems to be in agreement that you can’t just change a spring in a TM. Can’t wait to get it on the field as I have a slight obsession with the Scar platform. I’ve always got the Krytac if I want to muck about with upgrades although with just a flat hop I’ve already got excellent range and accuracy as well as good rate of fire and it’s 300fps with .25s so it would have to go to a DMR for it to be worth upgrading. Hmmm maybe if I feel like spending more money it will just have to go on more guns. Also, what weight bb’s do you find works best in a standard TM?
  5. Good to hear, I assume no of you felt the need to get more FPS out of them?
  6. TM Scar-l, not only new but also completely stock which I should imagine is fairly rare.
  7. I suppose a budget would help but my Krytac spr has great range and rate of fire for a standard aeg. I’ve added a flat hop bucking and nub to eek out a few extra feet but only bothered as it was cheap and easy to do. Can be had with either keymod or m-lock rail.
  8. @Cuddles no worries, I was the same a year ago. A friend got me into the sport and I’ve been hooked ever since but had no idea how the kit worked. I’m still a noob but through my mate and YouTube I’ve learnt enough to do the basic stuff.
  9. There’s also prefired and freeads. If your not a tech or brave enough to give it a go it might be worth seeking advice if you find something your interested in. Upgraded guns can be compromised especially if done by somebody who is also unsure about what they are doing. Dont be to put off doing certain things yourself though, it’s always handy to learn how your rif works and if that fails, do you have a tech local that could do any work (repairs/upgrades) for you.
  10. I would actually quite like to know, I use an Odin for my mid caps but I have a TM scar on the way so if anyone knows if the TM recoil shock mags fit the Odin it would make my mind up which ones I would get for it.
  11. Do TM mid caps fit? I’m sure EPMs don’t.
  12. Wow there are some seriously tetchy snowflakes about. Don’t know what someone has to do to get a reaction that makes them feel that way but as a noob I’ve found this forum to be excellent, some very willing and helpful members, clumpyedge helped me no end recently! If anything sometimes it’s a bit quiet here but indicative of airsoft not being very mainstream I suppose.
  13. Ok I know nothing of the Maple blackout, in fact this is the first I’ve heard of them so I’m not going to comment either way. I do have a Krytac although it’s an SPR but it’s the same gun just the longer barrel. So far it’s been excellent, out of the box performance is great, range and accuracy is great. Build quality is very good although taking it apart was a pain as there was some over zealous use of loctight but in all honesty there should be no need to upgrade it other than maybe a TBB. There are negatives of course, the gearbox has a quick change spring but the gearbox has to come out to get to it. Krytac use real steel keymod rather than airsoft, who would of thought there would be a difference? But there is so sometimes fitting accessories such as grips can take a bit of ingenuity. No idea about the newer m-lock rails. But overall very happy with my purchase especially compared to my buddies who run TM but dont really get any better performance.
  14. See this is a good point, what is his hop set to when Chronoing? My own aeg with the hop backed off as recommended in the manual chronos higher than when I’ve set it properly. If your seeing 351fps but your hop is all the way off then that’s not how you will be using it. Also not all chronos are made equally, I sometimes borrow my mates when I’ve made changes and it’s always optimistic, when I’ve been to site I’m always lower than expected. Frustrating as I’d like to get the most out of the riffle but need the wiggle room just in case.
  15. Krytac SPR, pretty much stock internally. Not trying to copy anything just trying to pew.
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