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  1. GenePoolReject

    Recommend me a weapon light please.

    Thanks very much for your insight and your time, I will act on it in due course (payday)
  2. GenePoolReject

    Recommend me a weapon light please.

    A mount like the one pictured would be ideal, just need to find a light/pressure pad combo that doesn’t break the bank. Led lenser do one for £55 that seems reasonable but don’t know how suited there gear is to Airsoft.
  3. GenePoolReject

    Recommend me a weapon light please.

    Thanks for your research, a fair amount of mounting options available which is great. No doubt some will be finicky since there’s apparently a difference between Airsoft and real steel keymod and Krytac use the latter. Any reccomendations for a torch and tail switch (is that what they are called?) combo that’s budget friendly?
  4. GenePoolReject

    Mansfield new players

    I don’t know why as I’ve played at pheonix with decent crowds and there are a fair amount of sites with in half hour of here so not as if everyone travels miles to get here but to see Sutton mentioned just makes it feel like a small world!
  5. GenePoolReject

    Recommend me a weapon light please.

    If I have to go down the route of mounting to a picantiny rail piece then so be it, the gun came with one that’s currently not in use.
  6. I tried the search option to no avail so please forgive me if there’s a million topics on this. Im looking for a light set up for my aeg but I’ll be honest, despite googling I feel I don’t know enough to make an informed purchase so if anyone could recommend some gear that would be great. I have a Krytac with a key mod rail so a key mod mount would be preferred and I don’t want to spend a small fortune, I don’t really know if buying a set or the bits separately would see me better off and if there’s any compatibility issues to worry about. So yeah, please educate me and all recommendations welcome.
  7. GenePoolReject

    Second hand

    You can also find Airsoft gear on freeads, got my pistol from an ad on there.
  8. Yeah that’s fair enough, handful of retailers who have scorned me in the post won’t receive my business again, Amazon being the biggest of those!
  9. Bit late for that, I bought one of his, I liked the silver body vs the black, figured it might also be easier for me to spot when trying to recover it. Worked out well priced at £46 delivered too. My opinion on him is indifferent so if he’s got something I want the Novristch connection won’t put me off.
  10. Yep, I get that, don’t really watch many of his vids as I’m only really interested in gear reviews or guides, gameplay is often dull to watch. Your quite right though, no place for bad sportsmanship, especially in the name of entertainment. I wonder if his play style is dictated by the need for YouTube content.
  11. I assume that’s meant to say isn’t rather than is but not all the youtubers are muppets. Its funny how much hate Novritcsh gets but I suppose if your going to put yourself in the public eye then opinions won’t always be positive. I’m not really interested in his products with the exception of the XL burst he stocks but the main issue people seem to have is quality over value so if he could get his production quality up to a consistent and high level would people more interested? Certainly no fan boy, just curious.
  12. GenePoolReject

    Need single point sling

    I have one of these.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076V3D7ZJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_43YwCbDYXBERK Fine for the price, changed to a 2 point as having a long rifle on a single point has its drawbacks when changing to your secondary.
  13. GenePoolReject

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    So it arrived today rather than bought but...meh. WAS Elite 901. Not had chance to set up yet but very impressed with the quality although I guess I should be considering the price.
  14. GenePoolReject

    WAS are they with it?

    So I bit the bullet and met in the middle. Ordered the WAS elite 901! It’s not cheap gear but considering it comes with a full set of pouches I suppose 125 quid isn’t too bad.
  15. GenePoolReject

    WAS are they with it?

    Hope no one minds me jumping in on the OP’s thread but I’ve been looking into getting a plate carrier and WAS have been recommended, what are they like for fitting for a larger gentleman? (Fatty) I’m not huge but let’s just say my belly tends to get there 1st. Also looked at the Flyye swift but trying to find sizing info is laborious.