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  1. Seth_K

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    To answer the OP, yes it can.
  2. Seth_K

    MAS G

    It does pack in quite a bit. Probably should have spaced it out over multiple versions.
  3. Seth_K

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    You can come at this from a few angles. Culture: Reputation, does it matter? Should we make it matter? In-game: Pistol checks and player marshals Post-game: Footage should be reviewed Combine that and you can cut out xx% of the cheating. There are other methods but no current site could afford them. That is to ID players and impacts, I've seen it and can confirm it works. It comes down to respect for your fellow player, that has to be passed down to the next generation. Who teaches the rental kids how to be a good player, etc. Anyway... almost the weekend now.
  4. Seth_K

    MAS G

    Good design, in some ways. Not something I've looked at recently, but I will this weekend.
  5. Seth_K

    Daytona gun questions

    Thanks! I'll head over there.
  6. Seth_K

    Daytona gun questions

    Wow, ok. Europe then? HPA Airsoft you mentioned.
  7. Seth_K

    Daytona gun questions

    Well you only need a CNC machine to make them, right? Not to buy, a tech. I can't remember his name.
  8. Seth_K

    Daytona gun questions

    Who is the current go to DG guy in the UK?
  9. Seth_K

    Large Events in the UK

    True, but you have to consider availability of parts, safety and longevity. It might still work out cheaper going old tho
  10. Seth_K

    Large Events in the UK

    It isn't... and around £40k, initially anyway and if you know the right people you can make a rather beastly machine. Or so I'm told 😉 One of the many reasons I wish I was stateside but give it time, patience is a virtue I often remind myself.
  11. Just want to know more about how it is similar to the real steel version. Daym, I have a rep now No, I wasn't goading, don't worry.