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  1. Seth_K

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    Will you be using Solidworks or something similar?
  2. Seth_K

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    1. Quality over quantity, players will start to invest more time and money into one or two primaries. Or have 20 plastic BB coughers. 2. Quality RIFs will come from a quality company, is that too much to assume? 3. Have a target run set up on game day, fun thing to try in the lunch break. 4. No comment 5. Sites will have to organise that, we can't do everything. There has to be a fair share of community building from them which takes time and commitment. 6. A Site can do this quite well. 7. A Site can do this quite well. 8. Min Engagement Distance aside, can I not just make my AR perform like a Sniper Rifle if the internals are the same? Some reach 100m+! 9. That's practically a whole new version of Airsoft... version 1.5?
  3. Seth_K

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    I'll look for it today, thanks!
  4. Seth_K

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    Ah, so they're just like the UK then, fair enough.
  5. Seth_K

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    Could you post some links to those in Italy that are doing it? Digital Observer look like they know what they're doing.
  6. Seth_K

    Research into throwable surveillance robot

    Hi Rik, Nice to see our fellow dutch airsofters think of us when it comes to innovation. I suppose you have seen the robots that the military use for this, like the Throwbot: https://www.reconrobotics.com/products/throwbot-2-robot/ Will yours be tougher, faster, quieter, longer range/battery life? I don't need to know how. If you are open to collaboration, need some funding and you really want to make a surveillance robot then send me a message.
  7. Seth_K

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    The Muzzle flash, that would be with a tracer unit style device? I saw something like that, I'll try to find it. Found it: Who remembers the BOSS Unit? Spoke to them... well never mind about all that.
  8. Seth_K

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    I agree, the experience has to go up! Someone needs to take ownership of the situation and set a standard. Unbiased, unsponsored news but who am I kidding. Has anyone done a series of videos on how to play these roles? With scenarios showing examples of what you need to do in mock gameplay situations. Videos games teach you in tutorials, the army certainly teaches you, what do airsoft sites do? Hmmmm, please let me know. There is so much room to grow the industry, the opportunities for diagonal integration are everywhere. Step back, look at the big picture or you might just get left behind the curve. You have to be consistently delivering value and always working on the next big thing. Am I ranting now?
  9. Seth_K

    Do you get scared?

    Suppressing fire is brilliant! The sound of BBs hitting the cover around just keeps your head down. If the other teams starts to take your teammates out then you know it’s serious and when you can hear them closing in it’s even better.
  10. Seth_K

    Do you get scared?

    As much as Airsoft can sting, the pain factor fades after time. Most of you here have played for several years now, can you recall a situation where you forgot it was a game and the cold sweat of fear hit you? Is immersion important to you?
  11. Seth_K


    Good shout, I’ll hit them up.
  12. Seth_K


    Might be the wrong section. Looking for a good R-hop tech. Not a job on a RIF but some Q&A.
  13. Seth_K

    Night Games

    good organisation in what way? The same as a game during the day or a bit more? I can see normally honest players taking liberties, but how can marshals check? If someone could crack those two then I'd play at night.
  14. Seth_K

    Night Games

    I'm looking for a more stealthy game day, are there any sites doing regular night games? Added a poll to see how many of us even playing night games, I think it should be for everyone.
  15. Seth_K

    What are you looking for in Airsoft?

    Teamwork, plain and simple. Well not plain or simple actually, teams should compliment each other not just be more of the same. Give me the ability to be an asset to my team! As for anything site-related, no comment