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  1. I just have the one, from maybe 2016? It's everything else I hoard, I'll be adding to my wishlist in my Sig.
  2. Yeah, I read that the PMag don't fit, they just need the sides shaved down though.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm looking to put my midcap recoil mags into a polymer donor mag. https://www.brownells.co.uk/AR-308-20RD-PMAG-LR/SR-GEN-M3-MAGAZINE-308-WINCHESTER-AR-308-PMAG-LR-SR-GEN-M3-Mag-308-Win-20rd-Polymer-Black-MAGPUL-Semi-Auto-20-Round-100011563 If I supply the parts, who can sort out the Dremel work? Thanks
  4. Constant action is difficult to achieve, I look at it like those time management games where you are cooking or something. You have a lot of spinning plates and so it becomes less of an airsoft event and more of a task manager where feedback/status reports are key. Do you interfere to artificially create firefights? If you have two aggressive command teams I don't think that is needed. At the end of the day, as long as objectives are being fought over you will have action, so make them worth having. Mechanised Infantry helps too.
  5. Nice review, I might go to one of their events next month now. Just need new boots and I'm good to go. Brilliant review actually!
  6. Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are snipers. It’s not all snipers I hate, I’m sure the few here are some of the good ones. It’s the ones that come over here to our team, take our kills and send the pictures back to Facebook. I vote for Snipexit!
  7. That much!? Wow! And donors are giving them away for free?
  8. I wish I knew which! So far the three of them aren't questioning my sanity. Sent you a PM btw, got a video or two, plenty more to read if it interests you.
  9. It will be delivered by an external company, we're just doing some stuff with the devices to connect to the network. 12Gbps, but I guess that is the best possible speed.
  10. Ok, it's clear you know more than me on this subject, so I'll try to hit each point, try. Yeah, it is a lot to for the revenue of one site to cover and again the costs do increase with each site, but... I'm pretty good at finding ways to build something at a lower than expected price point, mostly by breaking the parts down and understand what I actually need, talking to experts in the field, etc. So a budget of £300k-£400k will get quite a lot done. I have a GANTT chart all set up for that, which I did with one of the investors, I would have really struggled with his help. But I'm confident about it. First of all 2 Angels, 1 HNW and maybe a grant if we're successful in that bid. There will be a video of the event up in a few weeks, but that is pretty much what they said, yeah. In my mind, we are a tech company as the ultimate goal is to use Airsoft as a foundation to enter the Defence sector. Innovation is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry right now, DASA and DIU are the best two groups IMHO doing right now. But User-Generated Innovation is the holy grail, if I have the facilities and put the right elements in place, magic can happen. Then we're snapping at the heels of the big contractors, Cubic, LM, L3, all those guys. We will have the advantage of a tight feedback loop, so the time to test and fail is reduced and we can get a product to market faster. So everything I build for Airsoft must also have a second purpose, which is the real revenue generator. Airsoft provides the small but instant cash flow, then the larger contracts/sales come later. I suppose you're familiar with QinetiQ and the rest of the guys in Farnborough. Can we have a chat offline?
  11. I'm far from poor, I was just quoting your signature, mostly for the 2nd and 3rd lines
  12. But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
  13. If anything it will work out less, it just depends on the strategy of the team. I was at an Angel Investment Network event last Thursday and the panel was discussing the difference between the UK and US approaches to investing. The US will put money in for the long-term to acquire a customer base, whereas in the UK we want to see revenue asap. If I were to take the US style it would be priced competitively, not requiring a profit margin, with a view to using economies of scale to then become profitable. Did I explain that well?
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