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  1. First game was at Bunker 51, first and last time mind, BFG rolls next to me and pretty much the same thing. Thankfully I had ear pro (cheapy) on, but the next time I heard someone shout: “Grenade!”, a cold sweat went down my back.
  2. Just read your review of the site. Been there myself 4-5 times, probably a bad place to start playing. Might go to Red 1 next month, the SCAR is off to Camoraids for a folding to fixed stock conversion, so after that.
  3. Yeah, it did feel like abuse. Sorry to name and shame but... it was at Tactical Warfare Airsoft in Croydon. Maybe 2 years back. A few members of The Wraith Blades were there is anyone knows that group. One of them had the pictures of the kid's back.
  4. The game had stopped for a break and both teams told to sit in an open field, guns down and eye pro off if you wanted. A kid aims his pistol at his mates face and pulls the trigger, no idea if there was a BB in it. Missed, empty, whatever, kid was fine. Head Marshal goes nuts, big guy, drags said kid off for a word. End of the day he's put up to a fence, facing away from us, and the whole team lit him up for 3 secs on full auto. I stood there but I couldn't pull the trigger. The pictures of his back made me feel sick, felt like a of a war crime. Imagine seeing your kid like that. A day to forget tbh.
  5. Exactly, waste of time. Granted, the videos of it in action were atmospheric. I'd like to know how it changed players behaviour, initially and over time. Both the shooter and opposition. If someone sneaks up on me and cracks off one or shots, I'd probably take the hit without an actual BB hit. But does that wear off? Does the shooter start to pace their shots? Makes you think...
  6. I will probably pick up a few modified MAS-Gs from Elliot in the future, to tinker with absolutely no other reason. The Boss Unit, yeah, Mark ended up going to the military training sector, first in Michigan and then Germany. It won’t be changing from the M203 form factor as a stand-alone unit as when integrated it takes it blocks the space in front of the receiver so... www.rdxtech.net
  7. Sold that a long time ago and no. FRV - If he doesn't reply via email or text, I shall be calling him.
  8. Bought a belt from FRV, I should have got a size up due to my padded trousers (not fat!), sent it back to swap. That was early April/late March... it's almost June. Had a chat confirming my address on the 8/4/19, nothing since. Sure he's a lovely bloke, I even returned a belt that was sent to me by mistake and I covered the postage for it since I knew he'd have to pay to send mine back to me. I'm just feeling like a part of me is missing... 🤣
  9. Very creative, love it! ---- OP: Have you considered a MAS-G Grenade?
  10. Crazy, really shakes one's belief in humanity. Oh and that was your 2500th post. Nice! Bit more memorable too, no one remembers that time you hit a guy with a BB. But an epic capture or defence, that's a good story. So true, but when you get the drop on an incoming wave, it's sweet.
  11. Seems like the main issue is communication or the lack of it. I too remember playing at the mall and not knowing where the bags were or if we had them. It probably wouldn't go down well I was to blast to everyone's comms (on the team) that I had a bag or VIP. But at the same time, everyone wants to know. I notice that team players tend to gravitate towards each other, you can just see the difference in their style of play.
  12. Is going for the objective, even without contact, better than getting kills? A user on the forum mentioned that the high of a skirmish went quickly, that got me thinking about when specifically during the day does the enjoyment factor peak. As an objective-orientated person, I don't mind not getting kills if I feel I'm making a difference. So playing as a medic and getting players back into the game is one of my favourite roles. Alternatively, I go for an intel role, directing teammates on how to flank/avoid the enemy. So my question is this, is getting "kills" as important as social media portrays? What are your priorities?
  13. It's partly my fault too, at least 49%. 1) How much Recoil? Would it be measured using Kinetic Energy? It might be easier to select an existing level of recoil (like a .22 or 5.56) as a benchmark. 2) Like an on-person sensor system? A couple of retailers could do it, maybe? Eagle 6 is pretty good. Thanks, I appreciate that. All plans are dreams, I'm going to keep pushing forward for now, see where it goes. My motive: discussion. The greater context: I'm making a site, the more views and opinions I hear/read the better aligned I am with the community.
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