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    Hi. I have recently bought a Maruzen MP5K GBB. I am in serious need of additional magazines. The Well G55 mags are compatible. If you have any you want to shift, let me know. Thank you.


  2. Great, ive put some smallish orings on there that are a little smaller than the C clips. I may add another one on both ends so there is a bit more squishy matarial between the working parts. Ill monitor the PTFE bodge on the nozzle spring after each skirmish day to make sure its holding the spring from going through the guide clip. Your help has been really appreciated!
  3. Hopefully these pics bring back some memories hehe. Ok so the ones with the arrow is the recoil spring (i think haha) just wondering which side to put the orings. The pic with the circle is the nozzle return spring, you can see its gone through the little plastic "retainer" Edit - Ok so for the nozzle return spring, ive wrapped some PTFE tape around the last 2 rings of the spring to make the end thicker. This seems to have done the job of making it not able to pass through the retainer clip. It remains to be seen how durable the tape is and if it can withstand multiple uses hehe.
  4. I took it apart for first time today. Very easy breakdown. I put an oring on each end of the recoil spring guide rod, so the spring pushed up against the orings instead of the metal retainer clips. Not sure if this is correct. Secondly when i took apart the nozzle to get access to the nozzle return spring, i noticed the spring had gone through the little retaining clip on the nozzle, as though it had been worn out and no longer holds the spring in place all the time. Ill need to find something...maybe a tiny oring to put on the spring rod and create a barrier between the retainer and spring so the spring cant go through it Its nice to find someone that knows about this gun. Will take some pics showing my modifications for some feedback.
  5. Awesome. I used it first time on saturday. It felt iike i had god mode on while running around. If i had been playing call of duty i would have been called a hacker. Its ashame green gas is too powerful for it. Ill do the oring mod just for a small placebo effect. The guy i got it off replaced all the orings already. Any idea what the enhanced guarder nozzle would do? Cheers for the info.
  6. Aye, the G55 mags are around £35 each. Will have to pick up a spare.
  7. I have, the problem is that to view their forums, you needed to be logged in. With wayback, when you go there is says you dont have permission to view the post haha
  8. Cool. What did you do to mod it?
  9. As its such an old gun, finding posts about it is quite hard. I have read that the only internal upgrade part for it is a Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle. This costs around £20. Does anyone know what benefit this would be? I also read that there is some mod that can be done to make it suitable for using green gas. I have looked high and low for it, but the website that had instructions for the mod has been gone for a few years now. I want to really take care of this relic and make sure that it lasts for another 15 years. Any help would be massively appreciated.
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi. I have recently bought a Maruzen MP5K GBB. I am in serious need of additional magazines. The Well G55 mags are compatible. If you have any you want to shift, let me know. Thank you.


  11. Hi guys. Just got my hands on an ancient Maruzen MP5K in immaculate boxed condition. Has 2 extra boxed maruzen 50 round mags. My friend tells me it is quite rare. Should i be using this in the field, or should i not use it and keep a collectors item? Seems ashame to not use it. What are your thoughts.
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