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  1. Just found this thread...loving it. Gotta love dem preowned for 50% above retail price eh.
  2. https://www.usedairsoft.co.uk Just thought id let yalls know. Delete if someone already posted about it, or if not allowed to mention other websites.
  3. Not really. Was standard so upgrading was cheap and easily done. I would start with - new hop unit and good bucking - new piston and piston head - stronger spring - metal spring guide - rewire to deans After that, you will want gears/motor to either achieve faster rate of fire or faster trigger response...or a balance for both. Wouldnt bother with a tbb as it comes with a 6.05 anyway.
  4. Aye. The spectre was kinda trashy but was fully standard v3 innards, so £50 of upgrades later, its a lovely little submachine gun.
  5. Price to performance and if it looks cool or not. Also availability of upgrade or replacement parts. Got an AY Spectre because of call of duty black ops. Might not be the best performer but it looks cool imo in gunmetal grey.
  6. Leaky would be no problem. Both my mags leaked like crazy till i swapped orings and teflon taped them 😁
  7. Nice. Would you be willing to send me one at cost? 😁
  8. Everything is anecdotal. The only way to find out is to do it. Yes certain parts and materials will be weaker and more prone to failure. Saying that, there are a few very cheap or free things you can do to help cheaper setups last a lot longer on an 11v lipo. Full shs metal 14 toothed piston Cheap shs Metal piston head Cushion the back of the cylinder head to reduce shock Cheap bushing upgrade Cheap metal spring guide Rewire to deans Rewire gun to as thick guage wire as can fit Wire in a fuse Good shim job Make sure everything is well cleaned and lubed Correct the aoe Dont spam the trigger on semi Dont hold down the trigger on auto for half an hour These things come to like 20 or 30 quid.
  9. Oh yeh. Glad i wasnt the only one that noticed.
  10. I hope so. Ive bought all my rifs 2nd hand from various sites including this one. Usedairsoft is gone and now freeads. Its a daily ritual of mine to go to the sites and look for something i need or a bargain i didnt think i needed hah. In america, amazon and ebay have real guns and also airsoft. Over here, they are too scared to even contemplate it which is hilarious.
  11. Freeads took down their entire airsoft and paintball section for "safety" and "family friendliness" They dont want to be seen to advertise "weapons" Well ok in that case take off any object that can be used to hurt someone. Knives, axes, baseball bats, golf clubs, cars. These all do a lot more harm than a god damn bb gun. How many deaths a year are caused by an airsoft gun? And how many are caused by stabbings and rta? Yeh... This kinda carebear shit really pisses me off in the UK.
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