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  1. Give Airsoft world a call bud and see when they are getting them back in stock https://www.airsoftworld.net/kwc-357-series-spare-cartridge-6-pack.html
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi guys having a bit of a clear out and thought as red dead is booming at the moment people might be interested in a wheel gun! Up for sale is my lovely colt python which has 6 shells which hold 4 bbs each so a total of 24 shots! Gas goes straight into the gun (will double check how long the gas lasts later) the gun was dropped once (well fell from a drop leg holster) and the barrel end has been super glued back on, but as it’s not a moving part it’s not really effected. not got a FPS on this but it’s deffo got some power. Always used a low power gas as it’s not moving much! Good little wheel gun would be perfect with a speed loader and a spare set of shells £80 inc postage


    Winnersh , Berkshire

  3. Well that sucks! Any good after market threaded barrels ?
  4. Hi guys, anyone got a night warrior and can tell me if the barrel is threaded and if so the internal thread size? Looking at a couple 1911’s TM is my number 1 option. Just would be great to have a bit of clarification before buying. Thanks 🙏🏼
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi guys got 2 cyma cm0.30 for sale. ex two tone and sprayed but paint wearing off on handle grips. comes with: 2 x cm.030 2 x tactical top rail kits 2 x laser 2 x silencers 2 x batteries 2 x standard mags 2 x extended mags 1 x charger 1 x foam briefcase with glock indents Skirmished a couple of times and a hell of a lot of fun. Since upgraded to gas 18c’s so these need to go! Looking for £95 inc postage



  6. I thought it would be too easy! Looks like I’m going to have two guns that are basically identical 😂😂😂
  7. Hi guys, I’ve got a WE EU17 and I have a funny feeling I’ve heard that it can be converted into and 18c by replacing the top slide. Didn’t know if this has been done before or if it has was any internal work needed to get the fire selector to work. Was going to buy an 18c but if it’s just a slide to make one I will do that. thanks in advance guys!
  8. @AK47frizzle where did you purchase this beaut from? I have the same gun in the 17
  9. Here’s my JG 416 purchased donkeys years ago as a two tone gun, stock chopped off upper and lower receiver sprayed (not the best spray job but will do for now)
  10. Thanks @Druid799 was a bit unsure as they don’t fit into the magwell of ARES and G&G but I have a feeling that’s to do with the mag catch more than anything ... I might be wrong
  11. Hi Guys! New here and just starting out! I've been looking at Socom Lancer L5 Mid caps: http://uk.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Magazines_Socom_Gear_Socom_Gear_Lancer_L5_Advanced_WarFighter_Magazine_for_M4_Mid_Cap_5pcs.htm Heard a few things about them not fitting certain makes of gun (G&G and Ares) I'm currently running a JG 416 just wanted to know if anyone has tried to get these to work in a JG and come across problems? Don't wanna waste £70 on something which may not work Thanks in advance!
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