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  1. Is that a krydex holster for the fnx if so where did you get it from?
  2. Do you find that the supressor uses more gas? I ran my osprey on my 17 and found it was cycling slower due to the weight on the barrel and would keep firing with an empty mag as it would tip the barrel down! That’s so helpful for my plans, those magplates are awesome! Do they have a whole for the gas valve or do you have to put them on after you fill them?
  3. @rocketdogbert https://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/gas-blowback-parts/we-pistol-parts/we-g18c-hammer-assembly.html so basically the whole hammer assembly?
  4. @rocketdogbert sears? Someone was selling one one of those in the classifieds the other week
  5. @E21A it’s nice, but mega pricey and so new to the market I doubt any cheaper airsoft made products are out there. This was my original thought a couple weeks back
  6. Hmmmm it’s cool, but the problem with these kits seems you can’t easily put a supressor on and hence the reason for the SAS kit to take the strain off the barrel slide and frame. This is why I have strayed from the Roni kits @E21A yeah man, would prob look at buying a clone of one! here’s some closer images
  7. It’s all because of my weird obsession with ospreys this idea has spawned 🤦🏽‍♂️ Ideally would need to check the weight of an RMR as I currently don’t own one. This is all planning stages to be honest I know my G17 kicks out 315ish so I don’t have that much wiggle room really. My main concern with this whole project is range really, is it actually worth trying to make a “SMG” out of a glock or is this just something I will look at and be like “wow that’s cool”
  8. Hi guys, so i dunno if this has come up before but I’ve been thinking about making a glock “SMG” without using a Roni etc. so today I sketched up a couple of options (not to scale) Both options are the same except the stock which I’m not sold on. Glock 18c with RMR pref raised rear and front sight- seen a kit stock situation now great. SAS front kit to take strain off of the free floating barrel and osprey supressor, want to change the hop to maple leaf and get a longer internal barrel 180mm crazy jet. Obviously FPS limits may stop this. slong kit mounted to the SAS kit with the hand guard cut off and sanded for spare mags. Second stock option uses an m4 buffer tube and stock so sling mount is easy enough. Option 1 not so sure on. is my plan crazy? Would be good to hear people’s feedback 😂😂😂
  9. Wow how much was this and how do I get one ???
  10. Specna Arms H-05 really happy with this rifle. Skirmishing this weekend hope I’m still happy after Sunday. WE T-Rex Hi Capa with an osprey 😎
  11. Ok so.... drumroll spring changed 343fps happy with the results 🤓
  12. Spring received, will post FPS results later! Thanks @ak2m4
  13. Ahh man I felt like it was too tough putting it in ! Oh you hero, how much do you want for it?
  14. Ok so the attached photos shs m100 that feels super toight 405fps Then we have the spring that came installed which was chucking out 430fps I’m going to run it at as is on Sunday and will take my old faithful rifle just in case
  15. It’s firing straight as anything. Before lowering to the m90 spring it was firing at 430fps so the spring i went out any purchased today was an SHS m100 but the spring tension between the two were polar worlds apart so I’m thinking that the spring may have been packaged incorrectly. Any way to determine a spring from the coil rotation pattern?
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