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  1. I have the P-09 with green gas mags currently but they are venting due to the cold temperatures so, i would like to try the C02 mag however i don't want to be over the site limit of 350 so if anyone has any insight on what sorta fps it is with C02 then it would be greatly appreciated. The gun came labeled 0.7 joules and shoots around 290 fps on green gas if that helps. Thanks. 👍
  2. I have an m4 with a few upgraded parts such as the hop and barrel however i would like some gearbox work done and possibly a flat or R hop. Could anybody recommend someone in the Yorkshire area? Thanks.
  3. Thanks been looking how to do this for a while, do you also remove the buffer tube?
  4. Are these any good? nice and cheap Pmag style just dont want to buy 4 of them to find out they're shit
  5. Looking for an eotech replica for my MK18 preferably one of the shorter versions but without that shit blue reflective surface on the back lens and preferably without the really dark tint Thanks for any help.
  6. How do you access the Quick change spring system?
  7. Nuprol delta enforcer bravo (MK18) Would recommend performs great out of the box. (Mine did anyway)
  8. will do cheers for the help
  9. Im going to order them in a couple days when i get paid, get ready for 1000 messages when i install it 😂
  10. Very happy with mine also think people are just biased due to previous products from them, didn't get a mosfet with mine though Have you upgraded it at all?
  11. sorry i'm new to tech work what is a lapped barrel and how significant is this? so if my hop up is fine there is no point in upgrading it? also i've noticed the arm has a little bit of play side to side but i'm not sure on how to shim it thats why i was looking for a new chamber oh and also i wanted a rotary style for better incremental adjustments. Also referring to the feed lip, sorry for the stupid question i'm not sure whether they are internal to the bucking or if its just the edge of the bucking where the BB's feed into Thanks for the help its very much appreciated
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maple-Leaf-Macaron-Hop-Bucking-50-60-70-75-80-Omega-Nub-Airsoft-AEG-/322773517760 Didnt realise it was an omega nub anyways aha, just think the .30s will drop my fps a bit much. Any reccomendations on hop up unit or will the pro win be adequate? Also have you any experience with ZCI barrels
  13. The Yellow one is the 60 i think, it comes with a concave nub would that be sufficient? also im going to run .25s for now so would this still work?
  14. Im interested in changing my bucking, hop up and barrel to increase accuracy and ive heard good things about maple leaf buckings so i wanted to check which colour would be best as they are for different temperatures, i play in the UK so the yellow macaron seemed like a good choice. i plan to pair it with a prowin chamber. can anyone offer some insight or tell me how well this would work? thanks
  15. I’ve ordered this gun and have been looking into it for a while however it’s hard to find people who actually own one and I would like to know what it’s like from someone who actually has it
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