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  1. Some great, iconic, guns posted here. A bunch of my favourites have been posted already including those from Halo, Star Wars, Hitman and Tomb Raider. Theres one on my favourite that hasn’t been posted yet though, as below. Anyone recognise it?
  2. Yup, great fun that. Although it does rely on the attacking team getting on with it for it to be interesting. A couple of Sunday’s ago it took the attackers 30mins odd to clear out the bunkers, we were all in the last bunker like “where are they?” And “why aren’t we dead yet?” 😂 Down in the centre of Bristol there’s a wicked indoor CQB site (simply called “Bristol Airsoft”) that I play at. It’s in an old law courts, a two storey building with cells in the basement and court rooms and halls on the ground floor. We we played a great game scenario there the other day where one team had their guns confiscated and put in a safe room and were then locked in the cells downstairs and two “guards” from the defending team were downstairs guarding them. The rest of the defending team were upstairs. Object of the game was simple, bust out of the cells, kill the two guards, get your rifles back and get upstairs and escape to the front door. Everyone had one life except the two guards who were allowed to respawn upstairs once after they’d died downstairs. It worked well, we smuggled grenades into the cells to kill the two guards then methodically worked through the upstairs picking off the defending team before getting to the exit. 😎
  3. See screenshot below, got to love an Ali express bargain, can’t see that fogging up even for hardcore sweaters! Might not be suitable for CQB mind... 😂 (Pre-emptive Disclaimer 😊: This post is intentionally light hearted. I fully understand the importance of proper eye pro and am a personal advocate of full face protection at all times. Not sure about you, but I deeply dislike the idea of loosing my teeth to a BB.)
  4. Trawl the pages of UsedAirsoft and Prefired on the daily. That’s my tip. There’s usually someone flogging all their gear in one as a cheap bundle because they’re quitting the sport or something like that. A couple of mates of mine got their entire set of stuff from one second hand purchase for a couple of hundred quid.
  5. Bhaha..Had a go of a GBB Mp7 with a drum mag on the weekend and must admit that it was coolAF. However, I sh*t myself worrying about getting that pistol you see above back together after I’d cleaned it. There was only one screw involved and a handful of moving parts. I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to modify and maintain a GBB rifle! I think I’ll stick to batteries for the time being!
  6. Hey Sharpe / anyone else who’s reading Just wondering where you got to in the end with your mods. I’m considering swapping back to a shorter barrel for CQB play (want to fit a tracer) and am interested in upgrading to a tightbore barrel in the process. Assuming you kept the OEM krytac hop-up unit, what bucking did you use to pair it with the Prometheus barrel?
  7. I just watched a couple of videos of people taking the vector down. I reckon there’s at least a 90% chance I would fail to get it back together. I can only just about manage to wire a plug. Plus ive also now got conflicting info on barrel length and tracer compatibility! Confusion reigns, Airsoft is great! *Googles Krytac techs in local area* Thanks for all the help guys. If I do end up swapping the barrel out I’ll post what happened and some pictures just in case someone else has the same query in future.
  8. ..bants aside, if anyone has experience of what bucking would work for the Prometheus barrel and the krytac hop-up unit i’d be super grateful to hear about it.
  9. I’ve got two hands right? That means I should defiantly have 2 vectors!? ..anyone want to lend me £500?
  10. Thanks for replies all. Interesting that y’all don’t see the reduction in barrel size as a negative. On the Krytac forums the moderators there say that the extended barrel gives significant benefits in terms of FPS, range and accuracy. Well I’m interested enough now. I’ve read elsewhere that a 185mm barrel only “sticks out the end a bit” and that most tracers cover it. I’ve found Prometheus tightbore barrells on the internet for about £50. I quite like the idea that I got from some other thread of buying a second hop unit and fitting the new barrel to that to make swapping in and out a bit easier. I can get krytac hop unit for about £30. Only question I have left now is bucking. Anyone know anything about which bucking I could use? My girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband and partner will all be happier with the somewhat less extravagant option of changing to a smaller barrel. 👍
  11. I picked up a second hand Krytac Vector AEG off of Used Airsoft a while back. I’ve skirmished it a few times now and I love it, but I have a gripe with it and I don’t know what to do. The gun I picked up has the extended barrel and associated “defiance” mock suppressor. It’s great for the outdoor site I play at, it shoots at about 320 FPS and has decent range and accuracy. However when I play CQB indoors it’s way too long and I can’t put a tracer on it. (I like tracer rounds, they’re shiny.) I have thought about swapping the barrel for a shorter one and getting a “tactical” flash hider for when I’m not using the tracer, but then I’d loose all the advantages of the extended barrel. I don’t really want to be swapping the barrel over every time play indoors and outdoors ( zero tech skills ) Im not sure if a tracer unit exists that would fit over the extended barrel? Currently considering buying another gun for indoor play, (the G&G arp 556 has caught my eye) but i can’t help feeling like that’s just a bit extravagant to be honest. So yeah, don’t know what to do really. I’m not really sure what result I’m expecting to get out of posting this here. I suppose I’m holding out for the off chance that someone has a bright idea that can make me happy with the rifle in both scenarios and not result in me having to hide another purchase from my mrs... Obligatory photo of my gun on a bed attached for lols along with a supposedly comedy photo of my pistol with a cheap skeleton fore-grip on it. #stabilityupgrade #recoilmanagement
  12. I have a vector, whereas my mate went for the scorpion. A lot of our experience echos the above. I prefer the trigger on his scorpion and the three round burst fire (over the vectors 2 round), but then the vector feels a great deal sturdier to handle and, in my subjective opinion, looks much better. Battery compartment is tiny on both, but the vector’s is easier to access. As as far as performance on the field goes, there’s not a great deal to choose between the rifles. Having said that, my vector came with the mock defiance suppressor and associated extended barrel so is a better performer than the stock vector with its short CQB friendly barrel. I see you’re looking at the special edition which also has the extended barrel I think? If it’s the one I’m thinking of, then the extended hand guard didn’t do it for me visually, I can get all my accessories on the shorter rails of the standard edition, and the performance is no better so I didn’t consider it worth spending the extra money. If you like modding and or upgrading, I suggest you steer clear of the vector. Finding aftermarket parts for it is neither particularly easy nor cheap. This may sound like a negative but for me it is actually a positive. The gun is good enough as it is stock, and the difficulty and expense of finding modding parts acts as a good deterrent for me to not want to change it. Regarding the wow factor, the vector wins hands down here. People regularly comment on and ask about the vector and ask to have a go etc, the scorpion does not receive the same attention. In summary, as far as a tool for playing the sport with goes, the scorpion is probably the better value rifle. you get similar performance in terms of accuracy and range with a better trigger response for a more reasonable price. If aesthetics and feel are important to you, budget is not a particular concern, and the appearance of the vector is to your taste, then it’s worth the extra money to get what you want. I heart my vector and would not swap it for the scorpion. n.b. I got some vector specific mag pouches from Ali express in the end. I had read, as others have posted, that the mags fit in ump/mp7 pouches, but I wanted something that I knew would work. They were tricky to track down but it wasn’t impossible and they are excellent.
  13. Nice one slamz, do you wear prescription glasses under the Bolle x800 goggles too?
  14. Hello all As a prescription glasses wearer, I’ve been to foggy goggle hell plenty of times. Whilst browsing in patrol base today I spotted this.. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/exfog-antifog-system-t-band it looks a bit naff, and I’m not sure how comfortable it would be having the pipes sticking into the sides of the goggles, but if it works I would buy it. Anyone have the system or have any experience of it?
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